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Boston’s Convention Center Becomes a Dynamic Canvas for Digital Art

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The Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC) has recently taken a creative leap by transforming its new 80-foot digital marquee into an exciting platform for digital art, through its innovative “Art on the Marquee” initiative. This program, earning accolades from local media, features the artistic expressions of six selected artists, each utilizing the marquee’s expansive LED display to showcase their original works.

Innovative Platform for Artists

Launched by the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) in collaboration with Boston Cyberarts, the initiative provides a prominent stage for artists to display their creativity on more than 3,000 square feet of digital display area across seven screens. The featured art pieces are integrated into the marquee’s regular content lineup each evening, with a special hour-long sequential display on select Sundays.

The program leverages the marquee’s strategic location and visibility. Seen by over 100,000 daily pedestrians and motorists, the display extends its reach to a diverse audience, including traffic from nearby streets like Summer, D, and Congress, as well as viewers from surrounding hotels and office buildings.

Support for Local Artists and Community

“Art on the Marquee” is part of a broader effort by the MCCA and Sensory Interactive, a consultant on the project, to utilize BCEC’s digital infrastructure to promote local artists and community events. This initiative began back in 2011, coinciding with the launch of the center’s digital signage system. Initially, it supported local events such as the Fort Point Arts Community’s Open Studios, presenting details about the event and showcasing samples of the artists’ works.

James E. Rooney, the executive director of MCCA, emphasizes that the initiative is not just about enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the BCEC but also about setting a benchmark for future digital signage applications. “By broadcasting this amazing media art as part of our marquee content, we hope to provide a model for future signage and urban screens in both Boston and North America,” Rooney stated, highlighting the dual benefits of pleasing visitors and supporting the local arts community.

Media Recognition and Future Prospects

The initiative has not only transformed the digital landscape of Boston but has also captured the attention of prominent local media outlets. The Boston Globe featured a full-page article on the initiative, while other platforms like BostInno have offered detailed coverage, praising its innovative approach. Moreover, arts blogger Mary M. Tinti has described the initiative as “colossally cool,” underlining its impact on the local arts scene.

The current installment of “Art on the Marquee” will run until the end of April, with the MCCA already seeking proposals for new artworks to begin displaying in mid-May. This ongoing cycle ensures that the marquee will continue to serve as a beacon of cultural enrichment and community engagement in Boston’s bustling urban environment.

Reference: Sensory Interactive

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