Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Washington, D.C. Convention Center Embraces Digital Signage with Two NanoLumens LED Displays

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When you are responsible for installing and operating digital signage throughout a 2.3 million square foot convention hall, you have to be sure to maximize the effectiveness of every display and offer added value to advertisers, event managers and exhibitors. For these reasons, the tech experts at Digital Conventions are now utilizing two NanoLumens LED displays at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. to offer event managers a large digital signage solution that can be moved easily from day to day so it is always in the most high-traffic area.

According to St. Elmo Crawford, President of Digital Conventions, when the company began working with the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in 2005, digital signage was basically an afterthought.  Now with lower prices and growing end-user interest, their goal is to replace all static signage, including banners, overhangs and poster boards, with digital signage.

“Digital signage is the future,” Crawford said.  “Now that NanoLumens has introduced a line of large-format LED displays that are so lightweight, durable and easy to mount that they can be moved around the convention center from day to day, the all-digital future seems to be right around the corner. Event managers and sponsors are beginning to see just how effective digital signage can be at engaging attendees with advertising or providing information such as presentation schedules, maps of the show floor and event announcements.”

“We recently used the NanoFlex display for the first time at a large conference, and it really saved the day.  We had a security line where tons of people had to be screened before going onto the main conference floor, and the wait was up to 30-45 minutes throughout the day.  We hung the NanoFlex display off of a scissor lift and showed a live video feed of keynote speeches as they were happening upstairs, and had separate loudspeakers for the audio. This gave people something to do while waiting in line and got them involved in the conference before they were even inside.  There’s no other display that we’d be able to use for this type of on-the-fly installation, and now that we’ve got the creative juices flowing we have some great ideas for using it in the future.”

At just 85 pounds and two inches thick with the unique ability to bend and conform to curved walls, the NanoFlex display is as simple to use as a mobile messaging platform.  Digital Conventions realized how much manpower they could save by installing such alightweight display, and they can now move the display to wherever the event managers or sponsors want it each day.  It can be hung in less than an hour from ceilings, walls, balconies and trusses — virtually anywhere imaginable.  The NanoSlim display is equally effective, weighing just 225 pounds and requiring much less installation time than a comparably-sized LCD or plasmadisplay, while offering higher brightness and viewing distance and reduced energy consumption.

“As digital signage displays continue to become larger, more capable and more affordable, it is getting much easier for us to justify replacing static signage,” Crawford continued.  “Just a few years ago, our 10 60-inch plasma displays were the height of digital signage technology.  Now with the NanoLumens displays, which start at nearly double the diagonal size of those plasmas, weigh much less and use less energy, we can provide even more attractive solutions for event managers and sponsors.

”The ability to move the displays from day to day is a huge step forward for us.  It allows us to give the event managers a customizable signage solution that can display any video or information they want to show.  We fully expect more people to jump on board the digital signage train with all of the new technologies being developed today.  Innovative solutions like the NanoLumens product line offer more options and flexibility which helps us sell our convention center to prospective event managers.”

NanoLumens has recently created strategic partnership alliances with three of the largest convention centers on the east coast including the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, the Pennsylvania Convention Center and the Georgia World Congress Center.  The three convention halls have a combined annual attendance of approximately 3million people and a combined 7 million square feet of exhibit space.

First introduced in 2010, NanoFlex digital displays remain the only solution of their kind.  They conform to fit any surface, are thin, lightweight and energy efficient, and can be mounted as easily as a work of art. NanoLumens is the only company in the world able to reliably manufacture ultra-thin and lightweight, easy-to-install and maintain, seamless 6mm pixel pitch flexible LED displays in virtually any shape or size to meet each customer’s unique requirements.

Designed and assembled entirely in the United States, NanoLumens displays are now available in both flexible and non-flexible frames in four product lines: NanoFlex™ and NanoFlex™ Wrap flexible displays; NanoSlim™ non-flexible rectangular displays; and NanoShape™ non-flexible round, square, and triangular displays.

Headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, NanoLumens, Inc. (www.nanolumens.com) is a privately held corporation engaged in the research, product development and component design for unique flexible displays that address a yawning technology gap in the $14 billion digital display industry. NanoLumens has built a portfolio of more than 20 international families of issued and filed patents on its flexible display technology that effectively address the commercial market void between relatively small flat-panel displays and huge, limited application LED boards. NanoLumens technology is not constrained by standard sizes and shapes, or by the size, noise and cost issues associated with commercial LED products.

Source: NanoLumens

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