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Six reasons why retailers should be using digital signage

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Digital signage is starting to penetrate the retail environment.  Even in what some call “a difficult time for retail” marketers and brand managers thinking outside the square are discovering the cost of entry for digital signage has dropped dramatically in the past 5-7 years.

Companies that specialise in digital signage are helping the retailer to understand how they use this technology to generate maximum reach and engagement.

We have put together the six reasons why retailers should be using digital signage. Godfreys retail digital signage

Over the coming weeks we will post each of the reasons…

  • Window display
  • Promote New Products
  • Brand Building
  • Educate Customer
  • 3rd Party Advertising
  • Dynamic In-Store Experience

1. Window Display

Window placement is the perfect way to create that all important initial engagement.  Dynamic images in the form of video will attached ‘eyes’ to look at the screens.  The screen can be used to engage even when the store is closed.

Here’s just some of the ways you take advantage of placing large format LCD panels in a retail window:

  • Launch your ‘new’ product – Launch your new product with a dynamic images or video for maximum impact.  The release can be scheduled ahead of time so all screens across the country would release the new product simultaneously.
  • A spot special can be scheduled for part of the day – During those traditional quieter parts of the day schedule a ‘special offer’ for just an hour or two.
  • Promote loyalty programs, gift voucher or other programs a passer by may not be aware of – Many retailers have sales based programs that shoppers may not be aware exist.  Digital signage is the perfect way to promote all additional service to the passing shopper.
  • Product images to overview your range – A nicely created piece of video content can show your product range in its best light.
  • Splitting the screen – Displaying news headlines, weather or even sport scores maybe just enough to make someone stop and stare. 
  • Displaying QR codes – Allows engagement via a smartphone. Even when you store is closed you can still engage with potential customers.
  1. Promote New Products – Coming Soon….

–  Darren Rogers

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