Friday, December 1, 2023

Elite Marketing Acquires Atads Digital Signage Portfolio

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Elite Marketing PTY LTD (“ELITEM”), a leading digital marketing and advertising firm in South Australia, today announced the acquisition of Atads PTY LTD (“Atads”), the state’s second most widespread digital signage provider after ELITEM.

David Floyd, General Manager of Atads Pty Ltd, said “the acquisition of the company by Elite Marketing would see the creation of a truly Adelaide-wide digital screen network able to offer highly cost effective and targeted marketing solutions to small and medium businesses alike.”

The deal, which passed unanimously at the Atads shareholder meeting this Tuesday, marks ELITEM’s second digital signage acquisition in the past fiscal year. In September 2011, ELITEM announced the acquisition of InSpot Media which significantly helped the recent market entrant gain critical coverage.

“We set out a year-and-half ago to dominate the digital advertising sector at a national level — with 150 digital signage setups under our network and an incredibly supportive client base, we’re excited about our progress,” said Cyrus Rafizadeh, Elite Marketing’s Founder & CEO. “Our growth has certainly been exponential: it took 11 months to establish our first 50 screens, 4 months for the second 50 screens, and now 2 months for our most recent 50 screens.”

The company is now shifting focus on interstate expansion and is open to inquiries regarding prospective implementations at a national-level.


Elite Marketing was incorporated in June 2010 with the first screen live in October 2010. Post-acquisition, ELITEM operates a rapidly expanding network of some 150 digital advertising screens throughout South Australia and Victoria. The company provides restaurants, cafes, night clubs, shopping centre retailers, grocery stores and similar high volume venues with tailored configurations to promote products, specials, events, and local businesses. Strong partnerships with electronics manufacturers in China provides the company with a long-term edge over formerly established competitors.

The company’s mission is to help SMEs advertise themselves and improve brand recognition by utilizing various forms of digital media. Other services offered by ELITEM include web design, video/graphics design, business logos, branding, and search engine optimization (SEO). ELITEM also acts as an incubator for several web-based ventures of which the company will soon be presenting to market.

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Source: Elite Marketing

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