Tuesday, September 26, 2023

New Professional Automation Control System from Gefen Provides Access to A/V Systems over any Network

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Digital connectivity solutions provider Gefen today announced the availability of its new Professional Automation Control System (PACS). PACS controls audio/video devices, such as TVs, equipped with RS-232 or IR remote over a network-based control system.

With the IR code learning, file management, and IP to RS-232 bridging feature, it offers a simple and effective bridge device that can control HDTV displays, Blu-rays, add-on switchers, distribution amplifiers, scalers and more from a central automation interface.  You can select sources, control volume, distribute video and more from anywhere, including home or office computers, delivering always-on access.

Eight IR emitters, three RS-232 and 10 trigger outputs are configurable and can be programmed to store and remember files or commands to centralize and automate audio/video access.

“PACS is a hardware bridge with smart features that links IP to RS-232, IP to IR and IP to trigger outputs. It needs to be programmed when used as a stand-alone package,” explained Hagai Gefen, president and CEO, Gefen.  “When combined with pre-configured automation systems, its features can be expanded to offer access through mobile devices, tablets and any device that can tap into the network.”

PACS provides a secure Ethernet 10/100 BaseT connection and comes with a locking power supply to prevent accidental power disconnections.

“PACS is a great product for anyone who wants to extend their control of standard audio/video functions,” said Hagai Gefen, president and CEO, Gefen. “It is designed for versatility in a wide variety of settings, offering mobility and flexibility to control audio/video systems in the home or office.”

When not in active use, the PACS automatically powers down to standby mode, eliminating power drains.  A streamlined Mini PACS system will soon be released by Gefen for non-centralized audio/video systems, offering a lower price point.

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Gefen supplies a wide selection of signal switchers, splitters, extenders, scalers, converters, KVM, digital signage and home theater accessories that enable audio/video and computer systems to be easily integrated, extended, distributed and optimized to maximize performance. Continual product innovations ensure the company maintains its reputation as a reliable resource for installers and integrators. The GefenTV line offers professional quality home theater accessories for plug and play operation. The Gefen ToolBox line delivers portable, wall-mounted solutions for the nuts and bolts of system integration. The GefenPRO line supplies 24/7 technical support and valuable features for demanding professional industries. All products include lifetime support from technical representatives and engineers available for consultation. Detailed product information is available at www.gefen.com.

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