Saturday, September 23, 2023

OpenService offers digital breakthroughs in Retail

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OpenServices changes the way Retailers think about Digital and how Digital influences the way retailers market to consumers.

With eCommerce taking a bigger slice of the retail pie than ever before what can brick-and-mortar operations do to keep customers stepping through their doors and coming back for more? It’s no longer simply a case of throwing up a SALE banner in the front window or offering the best customer service available. In 2012, savvy consumers are expecting more from their retail experience. They want to be attracted, engaged, informed and entertained.

It may sound like a tall order, and one that seems inaccessible to those with limited time and budget, but a new offering from OpenServices ensures that every retailer can take advantage of this move towards online retail by encouraging customers to take the retail experience with them when they leave the store.

Experience the best of online even when you’re offline with OpenServices out of the box digital signage solution. Assist customers with in-store purchases, update prices anywhere – anytime, gamify your retail environment, share content from screen to screen, create wish lists that can be sent to a customer’s mobile via SMS or run ‘loyalty’ and ‘just-in-time’ promotions from the one touch point at the drop of a hat.

OpenServices offers out-of-the-box screen solutions for both large and small retailers. Utilizing established standard retail fixtures, as well as offering the option of incorporating existing screen hardware; OpenService retail screens are tough enough for retail conditions. An easy to use content management system allows for quick and seamless updates and the ability to either broadcast updates once to any number of devices or custom update each device with localised content. The possibilities are simply endless.
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About OpenService:Founded and built upon a program that connects customers and suppliers under the OpenService banner. The intent is to assist in creating standards for signage and finding the best possible solutions to suit the end customer’s needs. As the use of ‘intelligent systems’ become more prevalent we are also including partners that provide services that complements signage such as POS, m-commerce.

OpenService provides the best of breed to clients and access to complimentary services for and from our partners. The OpenService carries the ‘signage made simple philosophy’; the service includes work with many parties from software, installation solutions, and design partners to consultative screen placement or business case services.

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