Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Aceso Launches “HTV” Hospital TV Network and Brian Stone Appointed VP of Media Services

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Healthcare’s first integrated end-to-end video network, HTV, delivers relevant and compelling programming to hospital common areas with a focus on wellness, learning and inspiration

Aceso, provider of Interactive Patient Solutions for healthcare, has launched Aceso Hospital TV Network (HTV), the industry’s first integrated video network that delivers relevant and compelling programming across the enterprise. HTV’s content focuses on wellness, education, learning and inspiration to improve communication throughout hospital common and waiting areas and stands in parallel to UpCare, Aceso’s bedside patient engagement solution.

Aceso designed HTV to function like a television network that is distributed over a hospital’s existing infrastructure, allowing hospitals to provide facility information, healthcare programming and targeted advertising in common and waiting areas via digital television screens. HTV programming content will be sourced from trusted national network producers; but will also include locally produced programming focused on unique areas of clinical expertise, research and specialty care available at the facility.

Aceso HTV Network’s content integrates a balanced menu of entertainment, information and wellness to accommodate a wide range of viewers with varying interests and expectations. Through a continuous loop of informative, captivating and motivating content, HTV helps to improve communication between the hospital and its public. Similar to place-based digital signage in public venues, HTV also provides local messaging such as directions, details of upcoming events and key hospital staff profiles.

Additionally, hospitals can deploy HTV as a marketing and promotional forum for hospital services and specialty areas of care as well as facilities such as cafes, gift shops and newsstands. Aceso’s HTV also functions as an advertising platform, offering shared-revenue potential for hospitals based on advertising sales and sponsorship messages, which can be viewed throughout the facility.

“In the past, televisions in hospital common areas have been used for no strategic purpose,” says Geoff Fiedler, co-founder and president of Aceso. “HTV promotes wellness, education and inspiration by providing carefully crafted information and content that is relevant to patients’ and visitors’ needs. The content contributes to wellness, relaxation and health which can only improve the common area/waiting room experience.”

HTV Leadership at Aceso

Managing HTV and joining the Aceso executive team, as Vice President of Media Services, is industry veteran Brian Stone. Mr. Stone brings to the company more than 30 years of deep domain experience in both traditional broadcast applications and new media. His operational competencies in managing broadcast facilities, researching and acquiring programming content and implementing interactive solutions has been instrumental in the development and launch of this new Aceso initiative.

“We wanted a media expert who had a history of building forward thinking and successful companies leading the HTV initiative,” said Fiedler. “Brian’s innovative ideas coupled with his impeccable operational track record make him a great fit for our executive team. Both Aceso and the healthcare industry will benefit from Brian’s unique perspective.”

About Aceso

Aceso (Uh-kesso) provides the nation’s premier interactive patient care solution, UpCare Technology. UpCare delivers patient-specific educational content, top entertainment and bedside assistance in order to enhance recovery, ease staff workload, improve outcomes, and better coordinate patient education and care. Established in 2009 and headquartered in Charlestown, Massachusetts, Aceso advances patient care for some of the nation’s leading hospital networks, from the bedside up. Please visit www.aceso.com for more information and follow Aceso on Twitter – @Aceso_UpCare.

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