June 7, 2023


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Broadcast International Integrates Intel AIM Suite for Precise Audience Viewer Analytics

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Broadcast International, a leading provider of digital signage services announced today the integration of Intel AIM Suite, anonymous viewer analytics (AVA) technology, into their Managed Media Services (MMS) platform. Intel® Audience Impression Metric (Intel AIM Suite) software suite provides anonymous, real time data to generate reports that furnish a clear and, accurate understanding of the overall audience. The data analysis also enhances the opportunity for marketers to finetune messages to viewers. End-users utilize AIM Suite data to tailor their marketing and communications efforts to develop the most effective message length and deliver it on the most effective day and time.

AVA’s accurate, continuous research delivers precise analytics in real-time, giving media buyers a well-defined barometer of ad performance throughout an entire campaign. It eliminates the expensive field studies that rely on extrapolation and data sampling to provide a limited snapshot in time.

“Intel AIM Suite is the perfect complement to Broadcast International’s application suite”, said Kevin Lawrence, Vice President of Broadcast International’s Managed Media Services. “Our Digital Signage, Digital Posters, Tablets, and Gesture Based Interaction Solutions will have an even greater impact as we can dynamically adjust content based on specific triggers. Now our customers will have real data to judge how their content is registering with their targeted audience.”

Haroon F. Mirza, Director of Business Development, Anonymous Viewer Analytics, for Intel said “Intel AIM Suite technology provides tools to measure the effectiveness of campaigns. It is a valuable resource that supports the growth of every aspect of the digital signage sector. Broadcast International manages some of the largest enterprise media networks in the industry and continues to deliver economic returns by managing real-time campaigns which increase revenue, improve retention, and lower the costs of customer acquisition.”

About Broadcast International
Broadcast International is a leading provider of managed media services, including digital signage, live and on demand video, and streaming.

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Broadcast International is a public company (OTC Bulletin Board: BCST.ob – News) headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT. For more information, visit: www.brin.com and www.codecsys.com.

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