March 31, 2023

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AIMS capitalizes on new trend as advertisers favour interactive digital signage for product launches, brand awareness in malls

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Digital signage solutions strongly complement technology-based products and services; number of interactive kiosks predicted to reach 3 million by 2016 globally

Advanced Interactive Media Solutions (AIMS), SCALA Middle East partner and the GCC market leader in digital signage solutions, has noted a significant increase in the use of interactive digital signage for advertising campaigns related to product launches, promotional activities and brand activation in malls, power retailers and other major department stores. As consumers become more educated about the latest advances in technology, interactive digital signage has accordingly become the advertising medium of choice because of its unique ability to facilitate interaction, enhance the brand experience and offer a much more detailed product overview, helping consumers make an informed purchase decision.

AIMS has already been contracted to develop and deploy various campaigns that are custom-designed for malls, including a recent project at Mall of the Emirates where AIMS installed an interactive stand that was equipped with four touchscreens running SCALA 5 software, featuring customised interactive content. The campaign was tailored for a leading 3G technology company that was keen on increasing awareness about its new range of mobile processors.

During the campaign, consumers would interact and engage with the features of the product using touchscreens. Mobile devices powered by the client’s processors were also attached to each touchscreen to enhance the customer experience and provide visitors with a better understanding of how the processors operate. AIMS customized the content of the screens to feature information about the processors and how they are used in smartphones, tablets, and smartbook devices. The content and screens were managed and controlled from an offsite location using SCALA Content management software, which allowed for easy changes and updates of content when necessary.

Ahmed ElRidi, CEO of Advanced Interactive Media Solutions, UAE, said: “The fact that market reports have predicted the number of interactive kiosks globally to reach 3 million by 2016 shows that interactive digital signage serves as a vital advertising tool that perfectly complements the profile of various companies. This has led to a growing interest in interactive digital signage, particularly among technology firms that want to showcase their latest products and innovations through high-profile campaigns in leading malls across the country. AIMS helps clients develop a personalised platform that delivers key messages digitally using interactive screens to targeted audiences, creating a highly engaging live experience that can easily generate huge crowds at the malls. The growing demand for our services underlines the impact of digital signage in establishing contact and meaningful interaction with target audiences, particularly within a tech-savvy society such as the UAE.”

AIMS integrates the power of SCALA content management solutions, internet, interactive displays, mobile applications and communication technologies to develop interactive digital signage solutions for the region. The company also uses advanced audience measurement solutions to maximise the ROI of each campaign and ensure optimum customer satisfaction.


About AIMS:
Advanced Interactive Media Solutions (AIMS) is the GCC market leader in Interactive Digital Campaign creation and management, taking a client’s message from concept, through design, deployment and monitoring. AIMS taps the power of interactive, temporary, standalone Digital Signage Solutions to deliver to advertisers and agencies in the Middle East the most compelling and effective tailor-made campaigns for their target audience. AIMS offers customers the unique proposition of immediate ROI and their full satisfaction by supplementing its advanced solution of content creation and management, email and social networking, interactive displays (Augmented Reality, 3D Projection Mapping), mobile applications (QR Coding, iPhone & Android applications), and telecom technologies (Bluetooth, 3G, wifi) with a state-of-the-art audience measurement solutions.

AIMS services include consultancy on Digital Campaigns, concept development, location assessment, location provisioning (malls, cinemas, public areas, etc.), Digital Network implementation, Digital Content creation, Anonymous Audience Measurement, and distribution, installation, maintenance and monitoring.

AIMS is a part of a group of media companies that also include SSS (Specialized Software Services) that has offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and partners across the GCC. AIMS & SSS offer superior interactive marketing solutions for managing the implementation of Digital Signage, with a cross-industry platform that is exponentially growing, especially in retail industries, to help local and international retailers deliver their message to their most desirable audience.

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