October 1, 2022


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nexTUNE introduces background music in the cloud

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Forget satellite broadcasts, ditch the CDs and say good by to that dreaded elevator music. That’s the announcement nexTUNE is making with the introduction of its cloud based background music service.

nexTUNE, the world’s most advanced in-store digital music service, is changing the way retailers , restaurants and hotels get their music. No equipment to buy, no contract to sign, all a business needs is a personal computer and they can have an extremely powerful music source for their business.

It’s pretty simple to use. Just go to the nexTUNE website, open an account, download a piece of software and with a few clicks a business can get custom music in their store instantaneously.

nexTUNE takes the definition of custom music to whole new level. With their cloud service, businesses can create playlists from nexTUNE’s library of thousands of songs or create what nexTUNE calls “Music Channels” that work just like a custom radio station. nexTUNE also has over 60 predefined Music Channels that businesses can choose from.

The nexTUNE Music Service allows businesses to schedule different playlists or channels at different times of the day and they can have different schedules for each store in their chain. Unlike “Pandora for Business”, they can insert messages, day part their custom music and if they lose their internet connection the music still plays without interruption.

The nexTUNE Music Service is ideal for large corporate chains that are loath to buy special, single use equipment just to play music in their stores. With nexTUNE’s cloud service, corporate offices can download a server version of the nexTUNE software and distribute custom music to a PC within their stores. The PC acts as the media player while at the same time, the stores can use the PC for other back office activities. To learn more, go to the nexTUNE website at www.nextune.com.

About nexTUNE

nexTUNE Inc., is a privately held corporation based in Redmond Washington. nexTUNE provides the only software based, digital music service for the retail, hospitality and general businesses industries. nexTUNE also provides system sales, installation and service throughout the United States and Canada.

Source: nexTUNE

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