May 28, 2023

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Sinclair Pharma Engaged Viewers in French Tradeshow using Aerva Technologies

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Sinclair Pharma employed Aerva technologies to engage tradeshow viewers during the French National Dermatology Congress (JDP 2011), an event held at the Paris Congress Palace at Porte Maillot, Paris, France.

O’Services, a French system integrator renown for interactive applications, installed screens powered by Aerva technologies, displaying the Poll2Screen widget, which showed the results to a questionnaire submitted by visitors from a fleet of iPad tablets. The real-timeresults took shape in Atopiclair® tubes which filled up relevant to the votes received.

Emilie Croissant, Communication Manager at Sinclair Pharma, affirmed, “O’Services demonstrated during this event a real ability to conduct Digital Out of Home operations from start to finish, while encompassing technology, content and customization. Their solution has energized our booth, delighted our visitors and intrigued passers-by. Their ability to make iPad voting so fluid while displaying results in real time on the screen shows a real technological mastery going from the tablet all the way to the screen. Through their performance, our stand was without contest the most audio-visually engaging and enticing across the JDP 2011 event.”

Sinclair Pharma’s Benjamin Girette also photographed visitors at the event adding to the dynamism and interactive atmosphere. The photos came up in a real-time stream made possible through Aerva’s Flickr widget. The photos alternated with YouTube videos of different brands marketed by Sinclair Pharma along with recent Tweets mentioning their news.

Nouara Boumancha, Manager of O’Services, stated, “O’Services and Aerva Inc. were proud to have participated in the JDP 2011 event at the Paris Congress Palace and to engage Sinclair Pharma’s visitors. It was indeed a magnificent opportunity for full-scale demonstration of the solutions offered by Aerva’s Aerwave® while highly engaging with visitors in a crowded environment.”

Source: Aerva Technologies