Thursday, September 21, 2023

Timberland Launches New Interactive Retail Concept Using Digital Signage Touchscreens

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Timberland has just launched a new store concept in select locations in England, Singapore, and the United States to test interactive touch points and there ability to create more meaningful connections with consumers.

Timberland’s interactive store concept was developed as a collaboration between Apologue Experience Design, which provided concept development, strategy, creative direction and production; Automata Studios providing additional art direction and interface design; Iron Claw providing custom software development, and Audio, Video & Controls providing system design and technology integration. Together they designed a custom, open-source, cloud-based, HTML5-based information system that is able to dynamically retrieve remote data while creating real- time, uniquely generated stories that are distributed to multiple digital touchpoints across every store, and to every Timberland location around the world. The systems allows Timberland to add and tag assets for immediate integration all while being managed and monitored from a central location.

Timberland’s interactive touch points transcend traditional retail models by transforming the shopping experience into a dialog between the brand and the customer. The system is uniquely designed to adapt, capture, and learn from each store globally, providing unique, location-specific content to individual stores while inviting customers to provide meaningful feedback about Timberland products and initiatives that can then be converted into meaningful data for the brand.

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