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Wyse Transforms Digital Signage, In-Store Advertising and Retail Kiosks With Cloud Client Computing

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San Jose International Airport Digital Signage Using Wyse Thin ClientsBanks, Retailers, Airports, Universities and More Turn to Wyse Cloud Client Solutions Over PCs for Flexibility, Reliability and Affordability

Wyse Technology, the global leader in cloud client computing, today announced how a diverse group of organizations are turning to Wyse cloud client computing solutions instead of PCs to power their digital signage, in-store advertising and retail kiosks. Wyse’s customers that are using cloud client computing for digital signage range from banks and retailers to airports and universities. These organizations point to the security, reliability, affordability, sustainability and ease of management with Wyse cloud client solutions instead of PCs to provide their customers, visitors and constituents with the information that they need.

“Using a PC to power digital signage is like using a pneumatic nail gun to hang a picture frame — an overly complicated solution to a very simple scenario,” according to Jeff McNaught, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Wyse. “Digital signage is one of thousands of scenarios where PCs have been surpassed by simpler, more modern options. Wyse cloud client computing solutions bring more flexibility, affordability and reliability to organizations to meet their communications and advertising goals.”

The following usage scenarios demonstrate how a wide range of organizations rely on Wyse cloud client computing for their digital signage and advertising needs.

Banking and Retail: Banks and retailers are always looking for an edge to increase sales and engage customers at branches and stores. Credit Agricole Centre Est, an independent regional bank of Credit Agricole — the largest retail banking group in France and second largest in Europe, turned to Wyse cloud client computing solutions to power the backbone of an on-site dynamic advertising platform in its 300 branches. The advertising system built on Wyse R class devices consists of dynamic touch screens and provides Credit Agricole Centre Est with flexibility, reliability and security, and precludes the need for IT staff travel amongst all the 300 branches spread out over a large geographic spread for maintenance. The goal of the system was to delete all paper brochures on banking products and deliver that information dynamically and interactively to banking customers via touch screen displays.

“We went in the opposite direction from what had been previously done in dynamic on-site display. We immediately crossed off a solution based on PCs, given the risk of breakdowns with PCs, as well as potential security issues posed by user intervention. Wyse thin clients are truly innovative in dynamic on-site advertising. They have been adopted within all branch configurations, including single, giant and wall displays.” Yel Deroche, Research and Development Manager, Credit Agricole Centre Est

Transportation: Potentially the most relied upon digital signage that people encounter is when they are travelers at an airport. The Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) in California underwent a comprehensive modernization project that reflects the Silicon Valley character of the region and people it serves. As part of the modernization project, SJC turned to a “common-use” business model where carriers rent gates and ticket counters based on the time they actually use them, as opposed to the traditional model where carriers lease and manage their own ticket counters and gates. The traditional leasing model is not only expensive, but also fails to get the most out of resources. Digital signage emerged as a crucial component of the common-use model. Gates and counters need to be effortlessly branded on the fly with the specific carriers’ logos and related information, and travelers must be able to find arrival and departure, gate and baggage claim information at a glance via hundreds of flat panel displays dispersed through the terminals. The airport turned to the Wyse V90LE for digital signage for desktop and server virtualization to deliver the dynamic information display. The result is two-fold: it has improved service and reduced costs for the airline carriers, while helping the airport avoid $100 million in project costs by being able to build fewer gates without affecting the airport’s capacity to serve current and future traffic.

“Today, technology decisions have to be made to address both form and function — allowing for seamless integration within an airport’s architectural design requirements while providing the computing power necessary to drive software applications and full motion video. Wyse thin clients emerged as the clear choice when considering form factor, reliability, price, performance and power consumption. Wyse has lived up to its reputation as the company that stands behind its products.” Diane Mack-Williams, IT Director, Mineta San Jose International Airport

Education: Universities rely on digital signage to communicate campus events to students, faculty, staff and visitors. Digital signage also is a critical component in a campus-wide emergency broadcast communications strategy. The University of Nebraska at Omaha has outfitted its entire computing infrastructure at the College of Business Administration’s Mammel Hall with Wyse thin clients instead of PCs. In addition to having Wyse thin clients in the classrooms, conference rooms and labs, the Wyse C10LE device also powers a touch screen display outside of each of those rooms to list the schedule for the day and broadcast special announcements. Students and faculty can use the touch screen to display a map of the building and view the location of events across the entire facility. The new facility is world-class in terms of technology, and it’s also setting the standard for sustainability. The building earned gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified status, and the LEED certification was a core component to the vision for the new Mammel Hall from the onset. If the college had used PCs instead of thin clients, they would have not been in keeping with LEED certification. With Wyse thin clients, less than 10 percent of the energy required by a PC is used.

“We couldn’t have purchased or maintained the level of technology we now have if we were still using PCs. The Wyse units are perfect for our touch screen displays because we don’t have to worry about overheating and we don’t have to take up space in the data closets with mini-PCs. We can actually mount the Wyse unit in the same display that holds the touch screen. Within the next two to three years, we aim to have a PC-free building.” David Nielsen, Director of Technology and Budget and Building Manager, College of Business Administration at University of Nebraska at Omaha

“There are many industries where PCs will be supplanted by more reliable and flexible cloud clients over time, but it is a no-brainer to move away from PC hardware toward thin and zero clients for purposes of digital signage,” according to Bob O’Donnell, Program Vice President of Clients and Displays at IDC. “These organizations have seen the benefits that digital signage can bring to their operations in terms of cost savings, reliability and flexibility.”

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Wyse Technology is the global leader in cloud client computing. The Wyse portfolio includes industry-leading thin, zero and cloud PC client solutions with advanced management, desktop virtualization and cloud software-supporting desktops, laptops and next-generation mobile devices. Cloud client computing replaces the outdated computing model of the unsecure, unreliable, energy-intensive and expensive PC, all while delivering lower TCO and a superior user experience. Wyse has shipped more than 20 million units and has over 200 million people interacting with their products each day, enabling the leading private, public, hybrid and government cloud implementations worldwide. Wyse partners with industry-leading IT vendors, including Cisco(R), Citrix(R), IBM(R), Microsoft and VMware(R), as well as globally recognized distribution and service partners. Wyse is headquartered in San Jose, California, U.S.A., with offices worldwide.

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