Saturday, July 13, 2024

Cloud-Based Digital Menu Boards Are Reveling with Samsung’s Internet Enabled TV’s

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Digital Menu MeDigital Menu Me is disrupting the Digital Signage market by releasing a truly Cloud-based digital menu system that has no third party devices needed, just a Samsung internet TV.

Digital Menu Me, a leading provider of digital restaurant menus, has begun to install its digital menu boards in many restaurants alongside Revel Systems iPad Point of Sale system for restaurants. With the power of Cloud-based technology, Digital Menu Me and Revel Systems restaurant pos can now talk to one another and communicate data between each other.

Managing a restaurant requires multiple systems to work together as a unit – from inventory to employee schedules to serving customers. If those systems breakdown because of a delay in communication, it becomes difficult to provide quality customer service.

Imagine that a restaurant is serving a tilapia dish for their dinner special. By nine o’clock, the kitchen notifies one of the waitresses that they’ve run out of tilapia. However, the waitress gets distracted and forgets to tell the rest of the wait staff. Meanwhile, customers are continuing to place orders for the tilapia special, only to be told that the restaurant has run out. Not only are the customers not able to order the dinner they want, but now their service has been delayed.

With a Cloud-based system utilizing a Digital Menu Me technology, along with Revel systems Point of Sale System, the digital menu boards can automatically pull the menu in from the POS system whenever it is updated.

This eliminates the hassle of reprogramming the menu boards and keeps you looking professional to your customers.

Digital menu board systems that are cloud-based are not only practical, time saving, and innovative, but they are also cost effective. The Digital Menu Me systems only cost $2,000 compared to the $4,000+ cost of other systems on the market today and because it is cloud-based, it can easily connect with systems already used by restaurants. Samsung 40-inch Internet enabled TV allows Digital Menu Me to just mount the TV and plug it into the internet (no extra equipment.) In addition, Digital Menu Me can dispatch installers no matter where you are in the country, who can mount and install the system for you for only $299. Digital Menu Me is utilizing Samsung’s App technology to power the digital menu board thus eliminating an extra piece of hardware in your restaurant that you have to manage.

Ralph Charles, CEO of Digital Menu Me, on the unique combination of installing alongside the Revel Systems iPad POS system:

“Revel Systems open API makes this possible and so easy for our developers to integrate into Revel Systems, it truly has me reveling just thinking about it. Our customers can now easily log in and make changes into their POS menu and not worry about updating their digital menu boards. Revel really makes it easy for companies to integrate into the POS market and is the leading company that we have experienced so far for support of their API, it also helps that the API is free and has dedicated developers to help others integrate into Revel Systems open API. Revel Systems CEO Lisa Falzone is a pioneer into the future of the POS market place.”

Digital Menu Me has big visions for the future and is advancing the digital signage market by integrating into leading cloud based systems to make things easier for its customers. Digital Menu Me is now taking on distributors for its cloud-based digital menu boards. The future is here with Digital Menu Me.

Source: Digital Menu Me

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