Thursday, April 18, 2024

Vericom expands its digital signage library with content from The Associated Press to further engage diverse healthcare audiences

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Vericom and AP News ContentExtensive content offering now includes news, lifestyle, and entertainment programming

Vericom Corporation is offering news, entertainment, and lifestyle programming from The Associated Press (AP) to clients through its ChannelCare™ healthcare digital signage solution. Clients use ChannelCare for internal communications to deliver varied and custom messaging that engages and connects providers to their audiences, and delivers results by getting patients, employees, and physicians to take action. Using AP content, Vericom offers clients the ability to choose from a variety of programming options for their viewers including science and health, business, sports, entertainment, and travel and lifestyle features, to name a few. This new offering includes high-definition (HD) pictures with text and HD video formats. AP material updates automatically, providing ever-changing programming for the viewers without any effort on the part of the client. This content option, as with all ChannelCare content library offerings, is included in the ChannelCare library at no additional charge.

This licensing agreement with AP will help to continue to satisfy the growing appetites of Vericom clients who realize that patients and visitors waiting for extended periods of time in waiting rooms and lobbies demand fresh, engaging, and varied programming. The AP material helps keep viewers interested, thus improving the effectiveness of clients’ marketing campaigns while enhancing the total patient experience.

The problem with most digital signage platforms stems from users not having the time to create the robust, varied programming that is necessary for a successful long-term digital signage network. Viewers want news and entertainment, but Vericom clients understand the limited value of having televisions in waiting areas and staff lounges.

Television does not build a connection with the community, market service lines and programs, improve employee communication, or build brand awareness. “This is why our digital signage solution has included a substantial HD content offering from the beginning,” says Tim Rogers, VP of technology and product development, Vericom. “We didn’t want to ask our clients to figure out a content solution later, as is commonly done in the industry. The ChannelCare digital signage library provides our clients with a vast and varied selection of content options. AP is an excellent addition to the library.”

“We welcome the opportunity to display AP content in HD format on Vericom’s ChannelCare healthcare digital signage network,” says Jennifer Stenger, AP director of strategic relations.

Vericom’s ChannelCare digital signage and SoundCare on-hold messaging enable hospitals, health systems, and physician practices to better promote their service lines, improve patient safety, support branding efforts, recruit employees and increase patient satisfaction. Vericom has been exclusively serving healthcare providers with real-time, turnkey communications solutions for more than 23 years. Call 800-800-1090, email marketing [at], visit for more information or click here to access our case studies.

Source: Vericom Corporation

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