Thursday, September 28, 2023

Invensys Starts Live Corporate Digital Signage Network

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Invensys, a global technology group, found that implementing live digital noticeboards across several R&D locations around the world was no problem using Camvine’s CODA cloud-based digital signage platform. The corporate digital signage network integrates live key performance indicators (KPI) with corporate and site-specific news drawn from a range of sources, including SharePoint.

Invenysy R&D TV

Invensys is one of the world’s most admired technology groups, offering solutions, software, services and equipment to monitor, control and automate a whole host of processes in almost every sector. It is widely regarded as one of the world’s most innovative corporations, a reputation that rests squarely on the shoulders of its R&D team, based in multiple locations across the world. To keep this distributed team in touch with each other and with the company, Invensys decided to implement “R&D TV”, with displays at key points in each location.

Choosing CODA

As you’d expect from a top technology company, Dave Hartley, (Program Collaboration & Innovation – R&D Operations, Invensys Eurotherm), did extensive due diligence before selecting a partner for the live digital signage project. He chose CODA because the technology was easy to use and build up and, crucially, because the integration with business applications such as SharePoint was intelligently conceived and well implemented.
The most impressive aspect of this programme is the sheer breadth and diversity of sources that feed Invensys R&D TV. The screens run through a 65 minute loop, of which 40 minutes is automatically updated with live information. Presenting KPI information is a central function for the network.

Invensys corporate data is automatically linked to CODA each day. As a result, the displays present the current status development projects, with traffic light graphics on project performance, expected completion date and latest updates. Added to this are a number of Invensys internal RSS feeds giving corporate and department news, as well as calendars showing events for the different departments. Other useful information includes the local time at each location, webcams from each location and live information from the web. Static content is also shown, such as corporate videos and slides from presentations, reward and recognition and patent activity.

Hartley said, “Bringing together information from a wide range of sources, including corporate Intranets such as SharePoint was straightforward with CODA. This is possible because CODA can bookmark URL addresses within corporate Intranets and easily add authentication credentials for users.”

Future projects

A growing number of companies are seeing the value of presenting globally-distributed teams with real-time corporate information. On the roadmap for Invensys R&D TV is its corporate social media based on social cast.

Looking back on the project so far, Hartley felt that his decision to select Camvine was the right one, saying, “The fast response of Camvine’s support team made all the difference on this project. You have a great product and a great team, well done.”

About Camvine

Camvine is a cloud-based digital signage company that makes it easy for clients to show live and compelling content on digital displays. The firm is actively seeking reseller partners around the world. Based in Cambridge, UK, and established in 2007, Camvine brings the values of web 2.0, such as openness, simplicity, accessibility, extensibility and affordability, to the digital signage world. Customers benefit from a ‘drag and drop’ style CODA web service, ‘plug and play’ hardware and an open API to link with other services. Playlists automatically refresh from RSS media feeds and services like SharePoint, SAP, Google Apps, Salesforce and Twitter. CODA runs on a range of devices, including media players, integrated displays, smartphones and iPads. Camvine’s channel partner programme enables OEMs, distributors and resellers to resell CODA around the world, either straight out of the box or as a rebranded product. Camvine also offers partners a customisation service to tailor digital signage solutions to different market applications. Visit

Source: Camvine

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