June 7, 2023


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Popstar Networks Advances Interactive Gesture Recognition Capabilities

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Company continues in-store customer engagement innovation through integration of digital signage and natural user interface controls using Microsoft Kinect technology.

Popstar Networks™, an industry-leading digital signage software and services company, announced that it is demonstrating interactive gesture capabilities, including natural human interaction, sensing and recognition using Kinect™ technologies from Microsoft®.

Integrating Kinect technology with Popstar Networks’ existing digital signage software products and industry-specific solutions provides consumers with more engaging, relevant and unique in-store experiences.

“The Kinect sensor is a great multi-faceted platform for building more engaging user experiences in the digital out-of-home industry,” says Steve Hagenlock, Chief Technology Officer for Popstar Networks. “We see many new feature applications within our vertical markets using Kinect, including integrated voice recognition, gesture-based interactivity and audience metrics.”

The Popstar Networks R&D team, with a strong history of customer engagement innovation and industry-firsts, was quick to recognize new opportunities available through Kinect for Windows and the software development kit (SDK). The first step of developing in-house proof of concept demonstrations, using both new and existing digital signage content, is critical to developing practical new applications.

“We’re certainly seeing the creation of fun, multi-user participatory experiences built off Kinect platform features, taking full advantage of the most current trends in human/computer interaction,” explains Hagenlock. “We also recognize the practical advantages of this type of a platform experience, which is becoming much more familiar and comfortable to the average consumer, and what that means to the overall digital signage category.”

Hagenlock says the proof is the interest Popstar Networks’ customers are already showing. “They absolutely recognize the value of the unique customer experiences they can deliver now — especially in highly-competitive markets. They know more consumers are familiar with the technology, less threatened, and are actually willing to use it. And they realize that they no longer have to wait for the promise of something “new” to come. They’re already exploring how to leverage Kinect and similar technologies, and moving their digital signage experience to a level that achieves more.”

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