June 3, 2023


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ZetaDisplay delivers Digital Signage to EuroPark in Norway

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ZetaDisplay and EuroPark Norge have signed a co-operative agreement in respect of the delivery of ZetaDisplay’s media platform for Digital Signage to the Europark parking facilities in Norway. With the ZetaDisplay media platform Europark will be able to replace selected areas of its advertising and information posters by digital displays, and in this way powerfully strengthen communication with its customers in the parking areas.

With ZetaDisplay’s media platform for digital signage Europark can continuously provide current information in its car parks. Information and offers can be updated in minutes and sent out either to the whole chain or to individual parking areas. This will make it easy for Europark to present up-to-date campaign messages and news, while at the same time adapting its offers to the time of day.

“We see our co-operation with EuroPark as a success for our strategy in acting as a pan-Nordic supplier, whereby our subsidiaries operate as local suppliers in each country. We are seeing a marked increase in the demand for a Nordic player within Digital Signage, and feel that we are well positioned for the future,” says Leif Liljebrunn, CEO of ZetaDisplay AB (publ).

EuroPark, with its head office in Oslo, is the largest parking area operator in Norway and has subsidiaries in Sweden and Denmark with a total of 100 000 places offering parking to about 27 million visitors each year. EuroPark is owned by the global parking company APCOA with over 1.4 million parking places in 4,400 parking units.

ZetaDisplay is in an expansive phase and has positioned itself in the market by being able to show markedly increased sales for its clients by means of the company’s media platform for Digital Signage.

ZetaDisplay is a leading supplier of Digital Signage to major chains in the retailing and service sectors of the Nordic market. The company has about 40 employees, and subsidiaries located in Denmark, Norway and Finland.

For more information please contact:

CEO Leif Liljebrunn
Telephone: +46 70 845 80 52
E-mail: leif.liljebrunn [at] zetadisplay.com

ZetaDisplay in brief

ZetaDisplay is a leading supplier of Digital Signage to major chains in the retailing and service sectors of the Nordic market. The company has close links with research in this area and had demonstrated markedly increased retail sales with more satisfied customers. The company had a turnover of MSEK 50 in 2010 and is presently in an expansive phase.

ZetaDisplay offers complete media platforms for Digital Signage which include software, services and digital systems. The company’s media platforms enable clients to easily produce offers and ensure that a great deal of communication is presented on the right displays at the right time. Each media platform is operated and monitored centrally by the company. The distribution of media and playlists to the displays in stores and service centres is based on the Internet. Control and supervision of the communication is managed by both the company and its clients by means of a web-based interface that is accessed in the cloud via the Internet. The company undertakes media production and provides template tools which allow clients to create the content themselves. The complete solutions also include analyses, advice and project management, along with handling the installation of digital displays and communication equipment at each client site.

Source: ZetaDisplay