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iDklic Wins Sofiadis Group Pharmacies in Belgium

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idklic sofiadisTViDklic has announced the deployment of a new network of 235 independent pharmacies in Belgium, all of them members of the Sofiadis group. iDklic will operate the network as well as handle advertising sales. The project is scheduled to be officially launched on the 15th of December 2011 with nearly 100 pharmacies having to be equipped by the 1st of February 2012.

iDklic is a Brussels-based company specialized in digital signage. Since 2006, it has developed the largest part of its activities in the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s experience in this field is one of the many reasons why Sofiadis has chosen to partner with iDklic. Currently, more than 830 of the 2000 most important Belgian pharmacies are under contract with the company and are convinced of the uniqueness of the Pharma Seen TV concept.

Sofiadis TV is a health related channel dedicated to pharmacies and aimed at providing targeted advertising coupled to health related information.

iDklic offers its customers the most effective advertising services in the pharmaceutical branch. From strategic planning to video programming strategies, iDklic’s combination of solution and services provides a complete approach to maximizing customers’ return on investment.

Digital signage creates a vibrant and very dynamic communication platform. OTC products sales increase dramatically, as digital screens clearly incite people to purchase. Product advertising and health information are perceived by customers in a much more attractive way. Jean-Charles Figoni, iDklic’s CEO, confirms this statement by telling us «The PharmaSeen TV entertains and informs healthcare consumers with relevant video content and advertising messages which incite impulse purchases. Our business model perfectly corresponds to the expectations of our clients who are looking for a measurable return on investment».

iDklic proves to be the first digital signage agency in Belgium to successfully combine network management, advertising space sales and content creation. Miriam Taub, iDklic’s Chief Creative Officer adds: “Health care and wellness customers are among the hard-to-reach audiences in the media industry. Advertisers push for maximal audience and expect iDklic to fullfill this requirement by covering all the regions of Belgium”. Figures show that the clients are pleased with the new concept: sales in pharmacies showed an increase by up to 40% when compared with pharmacies not using indoor digital screens. OTC products sales increase dramatically, the direct impact on the selling out is maximal.

«The 100 pharmacies are located in Flanders, Brussels as well as in the Wallonian region.

This deployement entirely integrates the multilingual approach of the pharmaSeen TV concept. The multilingual PharmaSeen concept is a strong asset towards future acquisition of other European markets» adds Nathaniel van Parijs, iDklic’s COO.

This is one of the many reasons why PharmaSeen TV is such a success among our customers in Belgium and soon will be in Europe as well.iDklic’s objective is to spread the Pharma Seen TV concept in Europe by starting a partnership with an Irish company. The company’s ultimate goal is to become an inescapable actor in digital signage deployed in pharmacies.

Source: iDklic

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