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Visix Delivers New Dashboard, Qam Overlay, Powerpoint Expansion And Mass Alert Polling With The Release Of Axistv V.7.2

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Visix_logoVisix, Inc. has unveiled the latest update of its premier digital signage software application, AxisTV version 7.2. The release includes a variety of new features, enhancements and bug fixes for a significantly improved user experience. Notable items of the update are the new AxisTV Dashboard, expansion of the Mass Alert Feature, PowerPoint Batch Import, Web Page Bulletin Cropping, QAM Overlay and Active Directory Support for Firefox.


A new dashboard has been placed on the welcome screen to provide a high-level overview of playlists, bulletins and channel players. The dashboard is broken into four sections: Playlist Information, Channel Player Status, Total Bulletins Playing and Player Snapshots


AxisTV can now poll for CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) alerts with polling interval, naming and priority ranking options included. Clients can now employ either the poll feature or use the previously-available CAP listener.

In addition, a new user privilege has been added to allow individual users to trigger mass alerts and AxisTV now accepts expiration dates for mass alerts. If no expiration date is entered, the alert will run until manually disabled.


PowerPoint presentations can now be previewed from the Now Playing | Playlists screen. Clicking on a thumbnail launches PowerPoint on the desktop so clients can preview read-only versions of presentations loaded by other users. In addition, there are now three ways to use PowerPoint with AxisTV:

  • Native pass-through playback with PowerPoint installed on channel players
  • Conversion to WMV for video playback
  • Batch import – Image files converted from PowerPoint presentations can now be imported in a group, or “batch”, and scheduled in order.


Web Page Bulletin has been enhanced to allow for custom viewing areas within a web page. This allows clients to “crop” a web page to show only a portion of it in an AxisTV content block, allowing users to exploit live web content like stock tickers.


AxisTV now supports HD video through ClearQAM signal on channel players using Windows 7 OS.


Active Directory can now be used for login authentication with the Firefox web browser.

The AxisTV v.7.2 update is available for download from the company’s website and is free of charge to current Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) clients.

For complete software release notes and update requests, interested parties should visit the Software Updates section of the Visix web site at

About Visix

Visix, Inc. designs, develops and supports a suite of browser-based digital signage products that allows users to create, manage and schedule organizational communications from anywhere and to deliver messages and media to virtually any endpoint. The company offers digital signage software, meeting room signs, and applications for targeted messaging to desktops and portable devices.

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Source: Visix

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