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iTechArt’s Flex development team has finalized yet another Digital Signage project

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iTechArt’s Flex development team has finalized yet another Digital Signage project, which has marked a full year of successful work with narrowcasting systems built with Flex – a powerful framework for creating both web-based and standalone application run with Adobe Flash Player and AIR.

The company’s most recent project dealt with a Digital Signage System for a Belgian-based company. The system includes a number of pre-set templates that can be used while uploading and managing media contents. User accounts are managed through a web interface. Users can be assigned roles with various sets of permissions. The system allows managing playback with both single and multiple players. The media player – a standalone Flex-based application run with AIR – pulls the necessary data (content, playback schedules, play lists, templates, etc.) form Web Services. Media players are easily managed via any browser with the Adobe Flash Player plug-in installed.

Relying on Digital Signage for advertising and influencing customer behavior is the most sensible decision to make due to a number of advantages such systems offer. Digital signage is essentially a network of displays installed in public places such as corporate, cultural, commercial or educational facilities that is used to inform, entertain and influence. The network is controlled centrally and can be easily extended to meet growing marketing demands. Digital signage allows for considerable flexibility when it comes to content and design – making the necessary adjustments on the go and implementing them instantaneously is thus a non-issue. Moreover, digital signage is ideally fitted for targeting specific audience groups and allows quickly responding to their changing preferences. All the above is ultimately capable of reducing costs as compared with the conventional methods of advertising and at the same time dramatically improve overall effectiveness.

About iTechArt GrouP

iTechArt Group emerged on the custom software development market in 2003. With a team of 120+ full-time employees, the company has by now considerably broadened the scope of its expertise to include additional tools and platforms. It provides outsourced software solutions for various corporate and commercial purposes, including, yet not limited to, mobile application development, SharePoint, Flex/Flash, Ektron, Drupal and Silverlight. iTechArt Group is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and an Abobe Certified Partner.

Contact: Kathy Murriel
Company: iTechArt Group
Title: Marketing Assistant

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