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Sistem 9 Media than the two major co-operation!

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Sistem 9 Medya logoInstitutions and individuals the ability to prepare a special broadcast streams and 9 Media System equipped with every passing day, new projects continue to strengthen the references. System 9 media finally sat on the table more references added 2 big brands. From now on, the giant fast food chain McDonald’s, world-class technology, bringing together cinema Cinebonus difference of 9 media to serve the system.

Now at 23, until the end of 2013 all the McDonald

9 Media and McDonald’s co-operation within the scope of the system 23 and the digital poster panels, installation of screens at the point where McDonald kasaönü 9 media and broadcast content was provided by the system. From now on, every newly opened McDonald’s branches in the digital application will be valid.

Until the end of 2013 within the scope of cooperation with all the McDonald System 9 media targeted to complete the digital system.

Case in front of the screen and the digital poster-on panels that do not fit the application menuboard’lara introduction of by-products will offer the opportunity. Thus, more information about the products will accelerate the process of acquiring the customer’s decision-making.

These panels will be announced in the restaurants special campaigns. Digital displays, graphics and design will delight consumers in terms equipped with a content based applications that make the difference for the McDonald’s’lardaki old screen.

System 9 media McDonald 1System 9 media McDonald 2System 9 media McDonald 3

All TVs and monitors the system’s signature Cinebonus’da 9 Media

As part of the cooperation with all Cinebonus’larda Cinebonus corporate TV content and broadcasting system to be provided by the System 9 media. Founded in Cinebonus’lar TV and monitors, the halls are featured in the upcoming movie trailers.

System 9 media-Cinebonus cooperation projects will continue in the new movie theater will open.

Corporate identity, communication and minimizes the consumption of paper has highlighted the sensitivity of the environment, and also offers the opportunity to freely institutions, a advertising media.

Source: System 9 media

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