Saturday, March 2, 2024

Paris Now Displays World’s Largest Google Earth Display

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Paris largest Google Earth displayThe central fixture in many of our favorite spy movies are those massive displays that allow you to peek in on any part of the world. Well, thanks to a group of designers in France, such a display now actually exists.

Created by the Paris Center for Architecture and Urbanism, the display is a permanent installation called “Paris a city in the making” an interactive display that allows you to explore the development of the city in three-dimensional detail, with a particular focus on what the city will look like in 2020. The display uses Google’s Liquid Galaxy technology designed to provide an immersive Google Earth experience.

According to Google, the 48-screen display is the largest Google Earth display ever, controllable via 4 multi-touch screens. You can find out more about the technology here, and get a glimpse of the display in action in the video below.

Making of the digital model

The device of the digital model numbers:

– 4 multi-touch desks
– 17 computers
– 48 LCD screens planar MX 55L
– Google Earth synchronized 48
– 100M pixels
– 1000m of cable
– 1300 projects …

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