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Ping HD to your clients with signagelive

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signagelive Ping HD 1Ping HD, a digital media firm based in Denver, Colorado, is growing rapidly in the stadia arena and in the fast food outlets, thanks to its ability to offer fast and flexible digital signage solutions for its clients. The use of signagelive has been key in achieving this growth.

Ping HD provides digital signage solutions with emphasis on design excellence, technical quality and responsive professional service. Its dynamic digital solutions inform and entertain customers in an exciting and unexpected way.

Jason Cremins, signagelive CEO explains: “We have worked with Ping HD for over two years and they use signagelive to provide a full service digital media solution and digital advertising in a variety of businesses across the USA. Using sigangelive the company is not only able to offer new digital signage installations but also second generation applications using the networks that the clients already have.”

Kevin Goldsmith, Director of Digital Media Operations at Ping HD says: “We chose signagelive for many reasons. The signagelive Ping HD 2most important is that signagelive allows Ping HD to provide a stable, scalable and cost effective solution. This has helped us to grow our business with minimum overhead. We are also able to provide immediate support to our customers which is very important to us. The fact that no on-site servers are required, and that new networks can be set up and operational within minutes, makes signagelive a very appealing solution.”

The first step Ping HD takes when planning a digital signage solution, is a process of audit systems. Once this is done, the company helps its client to find the best options to achieve its objectives, taking into consideration the budget. Whether it is to enhanced customer experience, brand awareness, or increased sales and transactions at a specific venue, store or location, Ping HD can prescribe a fully-integrated custom signage solution using signagelive as its backbone software application.

Ping HD extends the same careful considerations in choosing its partners that it shows in its service to its clients. Goldsmith comments: “We reviewed many other client/server and SaaS based solutions.  Taking everything into consideration, the features and development road map make signagelive a no-brainer at a really good price point.”

“Many of our competitors are actually software vendors who compete with signagelive. signagelive enables Ping HD to provide a competitive “Ping HD” solution that is often better in terms of features and functionality whilst being at a better price point,” expands Goldsmith.  “We have actively deployed three other software platforms over the course of the past three years all of which have been converted to signagelive. It continues to be the best solution available.”

The simplicity and speed with which Ping HD is able to set up new networks using signagelive is one of the definite signagelive Ping HD 3plus points for Goldsmith. “Today I set up a new network for another NFL team and it took about two minutes to do it,” says he and ads, “Then each player takes about five minutes to configure at which point content can be scheduled and deployed.  Job done.  We then just need to get the physical screen and player hardware installed at site.  Easy! “

Goldsmith’s favourite feature from signagelive is the message manager.  “This is where you can create a series of templates which enables the end users to quickly update and change text information such as a price, description or even welcome message. Very straight forwards,” concludes Goldsmith.

About signagelive

signagelive® is a product of Remote Media Group, a limited company based in Essex, England. signagelive® has a signagelivelarge, fast-growing and diverse client base of clients, globally, that covers everything from small businesses to major retail banners like Harrods and Thomson (TUI Travel). The solution is also being used at the facilities of pro sports teams such as the St. Louis Rams and San Francisco Giants. We’re known for innovation – leading the sector in the adoption of new technologies and standards – as well as for a solution that offer enterprise-grade capabilities and support at entry-level pricing.

Source: signagelive

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