Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Pro-Motion helps retailers and restaurants maximize ROI with compact digital signs

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Just in time for the holiday season, Pro-Motion Technology Group, a leading provider of audio, video and digital technology for retailers, restaurants and hotels, has announced that it is now the sole U.S. distributor for iDisplay – a line of affordable, compact digital solutions that can be quickly, easily deployed.

“With the addition of iDisplay products to our extensive selection of digital signage solutions, Pro-Motion Technology Group can now provide screens as small as 3.5-inches or as large as 72-inches to help create engaging customer experiences and drive sales,” said Lynn Matson, founder and CEO of Pro-Motion.

Compact digital signs are quickly becoming a popular tool for customer engagement. To help marketers maximize return on investment (ROI) when deploying digital signage, Pro-Motion has released a new white paper, “Size Matters: How to Leverage Small Screens for a Big Impact on ROI,” which can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

The partnership between Pro-Motion and London-based iDisplay opens the doors for U.S. companies to capitalize on technology that has already proven its worth around the globe. Studies show that iDisplay’s compact digital signage can cut costs, drive sales, enhance customer engagement, build brand loyalty and improve efficiency. In order to assist retailers and other businesses that want to deploy digital signage in time for the holidays, Pro-Motion is currently stocking several iDisplay products for immediate deployment, including:

•    iShelf: a battery-operated, shelf display featuring  a flashing LED-activation button that plays movies or JPEG slideshows with audio. Content is easily uploaded via a USB stick. Plus, there is an option for replaceable static print that provides strong branding opportunities. The iShelf fits multiple shelving configurations and features a secure, adjustable mounting system.

•    iView Classic: a 10.2” digital solution equipped with a WiFi system that automatically connects to a web-based, easy –to-use, remote content management system (CMS). The i View is available with an optional long lasting rechargeable battery and offers a flexible, versatile solution for retailers, restaurants & other high-traffic locations.

•    iView Touch: a stylish, compact solution available in 7” & 10.2” with four touch buttons. Durable and designed to engage customers, the iTouch doesn’t require any computer or network setup. It can play up to four choices of JPEG slideshows or movies, which customers can select. A wide range of accessories are available such as counter stands, slant wall clips and more.

•    The iDisplay Open Frame: a versatile option in 7” & 10.2” with remote control, external speakers and touch activation buttons. Designed to fit into any POS display, the iDisplay can be equipped with up to six buttons and/or a motion sensor to activate content.

About Pro-Motion Technology Group

As a leading single-source provider of audio, video and digital solutions for the retail, foodservice and hospitality industries, Pro-Motion Technology Group is backed by experienced sales, service and maintenance divisions. Over the past 25 years, Pro-Motion, based in Wixom, Mich., has developed strategic relationships with product manufacturers and factories around the globe to provide unique solutions for a wide array of leading brands, including Neiman Marcus, Kohl’s, Toys R Us, T.G.I. Fridays and Which Wich. By partnering with Pro-Motion, clients can quickly and easily deploy solutions that present specific messages, entertain or inform customers, educate staff members, protect assets, market products and create brand awareness. In addition to digital signage equipment, Pro-Motion provides the most respected audiovisual brands and an extensive array of products and services combined to deliver robust, customer-driven, integrated solutions. To find out how Pro-Motion can help your business leverage the latest technology, visit www.pro-motion.us or call 248.668.3100.

Source: Pro-Motion Technology Group

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