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Banham Patent Locks gets the message across with signagelive

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Banham Patent Locks signagelive digital screensThe family-owned locksmiths firm, Banham Patent Locks Ltd, understood that in order to bring its business into the 21st century, it had to implement some radical changes on its stores. The most effective and powerful solution was to install digital screens advertising its products and services.

Founded in 1926 by William F. Banham, the company is still run by the family with the founder’s grandson being the current Chairman.

Since its humble beginnings the locksmith has been a leader in burglary prevention. Banham Security Systems is the largest supplier of burglary prevention systems in London.

With the help and advice from digital signage specialist Inurface Media, Banham was able to choose a combination of in-wall and free-standing digital displays powered by signagelive, that was suited to its needs.

Banham’s Maidenhead store has a bespoke free-standing unit comprising an LG screen and Advantech hardware. The screen has been placed on the shop window to maximise the effect of the eye-catching digital content.

While the North London store has a wall-mounted display and media player, along with a screen built into a fixed standing unit.

Joshua Bunce, Director of Inurface Media explains: “To help Banham reach its customers better, we wanted to use digital content and moving images. Using a digital signage network simplifies the configuration and delivery of the content. We are using signagelive to deploy up-to-date content to the screens throughout Banham’s stores.”

The content on the screens is created and managed by Inurface Media. Using existing images from Banham’s catalogue, the creative company transformed them into eye catching digital advertising.

“The advantage of having these screens on signagelive’s platform is that we can update the content on the Banham screens when ever needed just over the internet. The content can be relevant to all screens across the network or localized to any particular store.”

Inurface Media media technology provides simple tools that enable non-technical users to easily manage its digital Banham Patent Locks signagelive digital screens 2signage application. Regardless of whether it is a mono-screen or a large-scale digital signage network, Inurface Media offers an all-inclusive price per player per year, no servers, no hidden costs or extras and free software updates and support.

Lucie Banham a Director of Banham Patent Locks said:

“We have been extremely pleased with the quality of customer service that Inurface Media has provided. Inurface Media is competitive with its prices and has the back up of good service as well, always on hand to help us immediately. We will definitely be using them on all our digital media projects in the future”

Inurface Media media is a young, dynamic Bristol-based company who offers a complete range of Digital Signage Solutions. Bunce concludes:

“signagelive and our screens are an invaluable marketing tool, signagelive has an easy to use intuitive interface and great after sales support.”

Source: signagelive

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