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iSIGN Selects BroadSign’s Digital Signage Software to Manage a Network of 5,600 Screens at a Major Convenience Store Chain

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iSIGN Media Solutions Inc, has signed an agreement with BroadSign International (“BroadSign”), a worldwide provider of software-as-a-service for digital signage, to manage networked digital displays in Couche-Tard’s convenience stores.

iSIGN, through its subsidiary Pinpoint Media Group, operates the network of advertising and promotional screens within the Couche-Tard chain of approximately 1,400 convenience stores in Canada. This network is the largest owner/operator network of in-store digital media in Canada. Once the installation of our Interactive Massaging Solutions (“IMS”) software is completed, this network will be the world’s largest fully interactive digital signage network.

Each convenience store has 2 to 3 screens installed at the point of sale, running brand loyalty programs, public service announcements and in-store promotions. BroadSign’s digital signage software allows iSIGN to schedule and playback content on each screen, manage updates and monitor network health – doing all this from one central location, with minimal staff.

“Our engineering and technical staff worked for weeks to qualify and confirm BroadSign as the management system for all of our future network and Interactive Massaging Solutions (“IMS”) applications scheduled for installation,” states Alex Romanov, iSIGN’s Chief Executive Officer.

“BroadSign’s software has proven its ability to run some of the world’s most sizable, complex and commercially successful digital signage networks,” added Mr. Romanov. “This software-as-a-service platform is second to none in the industry and is an indispensable tool for us as a digital signage network operator.”

The deployment of BroadSign’s software is scheduled to be completed in early 2012.

“Less than twelve months ago we started a pure technology integration partnership with iSIGN that enhanced our digital signage platform with a mobile advertising solution. Today, following their acquisition of Pinpoint Media and the Couche-Tard network operation, we have expanded our relationship, and iSIGN has become our biggest Canadian client networks,” said Brian Dusho, CEO of BroadSign International.

About iSIGN Media

iSIGN is a leading developer of location-based interactive proximity advertising solutions that deliver rich media, permission based messages, free of charge to cell phones using Bluetooth(R) connectivity, while providing Business Intelligence to the client. The Company’s patent-pending advertising platform combines the precision of direct marketing and the tracking potential of the Web to deliver more cost effective and ROI-driven advertising than is possible via print, radio and television. A leader in proximity and delivery based advertising social media, iSIGN is now the largest owner/operator of in-store digital media in Canada. With a national footprint, iSIGN reaches an average of 1.5 million consumers a day through our convenience store network, using state of the art technology to push relevant content. iSIGN’s network includes just over 5,600 digital faces in 1,400 plus convenience stores across Canada and additional digital faces in the City of Calgary’s parks and recreation building. iSIGN is based in Richmond Hill, Ontario with R&D and customer support operations in Vancouver, BC. iSIGN is a business partner of AOpen America Inc., having an OEM agreement for the embedding of its IMS software in Aopen’s digital media players and IBM, as their Solution Provider, POS All Models. iSIGN’s software solutions are also distributed by BlueStar Inc. to their network of Value Added Resellers. iSIGN is publicly traded in Toronto (TSX.V) under the symbol “ISD”. Additional information about iSIGN Media can be found at


BroadSign International Inc. is a leading worldwide provider of the premier software platform for digital signage networks. The software allows networks to target out-of-home audiences, sell network airtime, reliably play back scheduled content on each screen and account for campaign performance. Some of the world’s largest and most successful digital signage networks run on BroadSign, taking advantage of its robust functionality, media-buyer-friendly workflow and ability to grow without limits. Various levels of support and services are included in the per-player monthly subscription fee, depending on the subscription package. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) model offers networks the freedom of enjoying the full potential of the most advanced enterprise-class solution without carrying the costs of their own infrastructure, such as servers, maintenance, hiring additional IT personnel, security and stability, etc. BroadSign combines extensive expertise in digital signage software, media, advertising, and information technology. BroadSign also enables cross-network digital signage campaign execution for DOOH media aggregators via its Open API platform. BroadSign’s corporate office, operations, support and development facilities are in Montreal, Canada. Additional information about BroadSign can be found at

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