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Assured Systems UK Release WPE-796 Digital Signage PC Supports Intel Core i Processors

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Assured Systems UK WPE 796 Digital Signage PCWincomm has followed up on the success of the first generation WPE-793 digital signage engine by releasing the WPE-796, a second generation rackmount digital signage engine featuring 2 x PCI Express slots, advanced Intel Core i CPUs alongside the Q67 Chipset.

Not only is the new WPE-796 digital signage computer lighter, thinner and more compact, it also comes with a PCI Express x16 slot that customers can use for a high-end discrete graphics cards to improve the clarity and efficiency of digital signage applications. A second, separate PCI Express x4 slot offers further flexibility for additional plug in cards such a TV capture or communication boards. This combination allows the WPE-796 to play the ever demanding high definition content used by today’s marketeers, something dedicated digital signage systems have struggled with up until now.

As digital signage installations must be compatible with other industrial products, the product dimensions of the WPE-796 conform to the US Electronics Industry Association (EIA) 1U rack form-factor. The WPE-796 can be fitted into any standard rackmount cabinet, simplifying overall design and on-site installation for the customer.

The WPE-796 supports Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs for the ultimate in performance, operating temperatures of between 0~40? and extended operation 24/7 were all taken into account when designing the system, and Wincomm is able to deliver this level of reliability thanks to its proprietary cooling technology. A combination of directed air flow and thermal conduction effectively reduce the temperature of the CPU, north bridge and south bridge chipsets, enabling the WPE-796 to maintain a high level of reliability and stability. Another feature of the WPE-796 is the low-noise design; at 37dB at an operating temperature of 25? the system, noise is significantly lower than other products on the market.

Digital signage services are now being introduced by many industries. Hotel operators, the tourist industry, airport services, banks, hospitals, retail, and train stations are all installing digital signage networks in indoor and outdoor public spaces to provide consumers with easy information access. The key to these installations is the stability and ruggedness of the control PC. The WPE-796’s high availability design means it can continue to run in harsh conditions, providing digital signage network operators with the highest ROI possible.

For more information on the WPE-796 digital signage engine please click this link or call technical sales on 01785 87 90 50.

Source: Assured Systems UK

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