Sunday, July 14, 2024

iDklic Solutions Now in 600 of the 2,000 Biggest Pharmacies

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iDklic logoSince 2006, iDklic – a Belgian agency specialised in digital signage – develops the largest part of its activities in the pharmaceutical industry. Currently, more than 600 of the 2000 most important Belgian pharmacies are under contract with the agency.

Six years later, iDklic pursues its successful business model and offers its customers the most effective communication services in Belgium. Recently, the company still widened by deploying a new group of independent pharmacies in the Flemish region. The Vooruit network represents 38 pharmacies  in East and West Flanders.

Digital signage creates a vibrant and much more dynamic communication platform. OTC products sales increase dramatically, the direct impact on the selling out is maximal. Indeed, digital screens, placed in strategic environments, clearly incite people to purchase and make advertising & products much more attractive. The Vooruit network perfectly integrated the concept and already declares to be very satisfied by their return on the investment as well as for the excellence in the customer follow-up.

Source: iDklic

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