Thursday, September 21, 2023

Kansas City Zoo plunges deep in high-tech visitor education at new polar bear exhibit with Keywest Technology digital signage

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A crucial part of the new Polar Bear Passage exhibit at the Kansas City Zoo is educating visitors about the habitat and lives of polar bears in the wild with the assistance of digital signage hardware and software from Keywest Technology.

Keywest Technology today announced that the Kansas City (MO) Zoo is using its digital signage hardware and software technology to engage and educate visitors to a new attraction designed to bring the public face-to-face with a diving, swimming polar bear.

The centerpiece of the Polar Bear Passage exhibit is a new viewing building and public plaza. There, visitors can view a polar bear above and underwater thanks to a clear glass wall separating them from the bear and pool. The exhibit area also gives visitors the chance to learn more about the lives of the big white bears on five digital signs positioned throughout the exhibit space.

The Kansas City Zoo is employing Keywest Technology MediaZone digital signage hardware and software to playback a mix of video, animation, graphics and text designed to build visitor interest in polar bears and enhance their knowledge.

“The Polar Bear Passage is a great example of how digital signage can complement and enhance the larger mission of any public venue,” said Keywest Technology president Nick Nichols. “With Keywest Technology-driven digital signage, the Zoo can communicate far more information about polar bears in a way that surpasses what could be done with traditional printed signs.”

The Keywest Technology MediaZone provides those responsible for scheduling and managing playback of digital signage content all of the tools they need. MediaZone software takes advantage of the familiar Windows 7 interface motif to make it simple to build content pages with a combination of media elements, including video, text, graphics and animation, schedule their playback, modify playlists with updates as needed and interrupt regularly scheduled events with timely messages. MediaZone software can run on an existing PC or as part of a turnkey hardware/software system available in different configurations from Keywest Technology. Multiple MediaZone players also can be centrally monitored and managed using Keywest Technology’s InfoZone enterprise-level digital signage software.

At the Polar Bear Passage exhibit, the Keywest Technology MediaZone presents visitors with a powerful educational experience while they enjoy a remarkable view of a live polar bear. “We are proud to have played a part in bringing this unique experience to Zoo patrons,” said Nichols.

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