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Mallspacemedia And Navori Take The Recoleta Mall To The Next Level

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Mallspacemedia And Navori Recoleta Mall Video WallmallSPACEmedia, a leader in digital media and advertising, recently lit up the halls of the Recoleta Mall in Buenos Aires with the launch of its first digital signage and video wall network powered by the NAVORI software platform.

This retail installation is the largest of its kind in Argentina. Digital signage is an excellent fit for this type of venue since shopping mall visitors tend to be more relaxed and receptive to advertising messages in a retail setting.

The new mall has a total of 82 commercial grade screens and three video wall installations spread over four levels.

The Recoleta Mall is located in an iconic part of Buenos Aires that attracts a lot of tourist traffic. More than 10 million visitors are expected annually and we expect 79% of mall visitors will fall under the ABC1 category (customer status profile), 85% will be in the 19 to 50 year old range and 57% will be female. Based on this data, mallSPACEmedia screens are sure to bevery attractive to anyone interested in promoting their brand, knowing that 75% of purchase decisions are made at point of sale.

“…We are very pleased to have chosen NAVORI as our digital signage technology partner..” said Addigital´s CEO Cristian C. Diehl. “…The Swiss company’s solution gives us the reliability and quality we need so we can focus on our business and respond to the expectations of our advertisers and visitors..”

ABOUT MALLSPACEMEDIAMallspacemedia And Navori Recoleta Mall Digital Signage
A cutting edge digital advertising agency specialized in in shopping malls and qualified public spaces.

The company has the largest indoor advertising network in Argentina located in the cities of Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Tucumán, Rosario, Trelew and Neuquén. mallSPACEmedia screens can be seen in 17 major shopping centers representing a total of 170 million annual visitors (Unicenter, Recoleta Mall El Solar, Palmas, among others).

Navori is a one of the largest, most well-established and successful digital signage software publishers in the world, with more than 75,000 active installations in 90 countries. Navori develops solutions used for all types of screen-based communications, including retail, corporate communications, advertising networks, public space signage, wayfinding and the food/hospitality sector. Headquartered in Switzerland, privately-held Navori also has offices in North America, South America and Australia.
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Navori runs a highly efficient operation with an annual growth rate of 40% during the last 10 years.

Navori is renowned for the precision of its tools as well as the quality and the sophistication of its software.Navori logo

Source: Navori

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