June 3, 2023


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EyestarTV launches eyecare professional digital signage network powered by Navori.

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EyestarTV is an online digital signage solution created for optometric waiting rooms. With EyestarTV, an eyecare professional can make the most of their patient’s wait time by showcasing video content specifically about their practice. EyestarTV’s team of professional graphic designers and writers create and administer engaging video segments that promote the uniqueness of one’s eyecare office as well as the products and services that are offered. It’s like having their own practice TV channel.
Subscribers decide the mix of educational, promotional, entertainment, and news information on their playlist and EyestarTV takes care of the rest.
EyestarTV constantly updates its content to stay current with the changing factors in one’s eyecare business like hours of operation, new staff, promotions, new services/products, holidays, weather and much more.

Video presentation loops range from 15-40 minutes (depending on the average wait time) and the company typically develops and adds 4-6 new videos to its library every month. Currently, EyecareTV has approximately 100 professionally developed videos that eyecare professionals can access and download onto their playlist.eyestar3

With EyestarTV, eyecare businesses can:
• increase sales
• enhance the image of their practice
• educate
• entertain
• reduce perceived wait time

General Installation Info
EyestarTV is currently installed in eyecare businesses from coast to coast throughout Canada and the US. Installation is very easy. The customer receives a computer with EyestarTV already installed and the business simply connects it to their flat screen TV and high speed internet and the loop displays within a matter of minutes. EyestarTV estimates there are 35k+patients viewing their material every month.

Typical Installation
EyestarTV’s installation process is streamlined to a point wheyestar2ere it can take between 24-48 hours from the time a customer signs a contract to the time they create a customized and branded video presentation for that specific eyecare business. The company has found the short turnaround time not only impresses their customers but it really shows a high level of dedication to their specific needs.

When a customer expresses interest in EyestarTV, they are referred to an online form. This online form asks about specific information about their business and what they want to showcase on theireyestar1 EyestarTV presentation loop (including information about their practice, products, services, hours of operation and their choice of RSS feeds). Once that form is completed, it is immediately distributed to EyestarTV’s group of in house designers who then create the customized content.

This content is then downloaded to the subscribers client computer and can then be displayed in their waiting room as well as other designated areas of the office using a video splitter. Every month EyestarTV publishes an online newsletter that encourages their subscribers to view the newly released videos and to update their playlist. Their content is kept fresh and their patients are viewing timely and up-to-date content every visit.

EyestarTV has had some remarkable feedback from eyecare businesses using their service. Their customers have all said that the service is effective in helping promote their products and services. Individual practices have reported eyestar4substantial sales increases after the installation of their EyestarTV display system.

EystarTV’s Impression of the Navori digital signage platform
Paul Salsberg, EyestarTV’s VP Operations says “Navori provides us with remarkable software that is consistently reliable for our administrators and our customers playing our content. We feel very confident installing Navori software on all our subscribers computers since we know that it plays our content flawlessly.

Navori not only provides excellent technical support, but we as their customer also received easy to understand product training from Navori’s technical representatives. To find out more about the Navori digital signage software platform, please visit the Navori web site at www.navori.com or
contact the Navori head office:

World Trade Center
Avenue Gratta Paille 2
CH-1000 Lausanne
Phone: +41 21 641 19 60
Fax: +41 21 641 19 61

For more information on EyestarTV, please contact Paul Salsberg or visit www.eyestartv.com
Paul Salsberg
VP Operations

Source: Navori