May 30, 2023

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Promedia NJSBA Workshop Digital Signage Solutions powered by signagelive

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signagelive was recently featured at the NJSBA Workshop and Expo 2011, powering a digital signage solution that was displayed throughout the conference. The New Jersey School Boards Association consists of school board members from every district in the state. NJSBA held their annual conference in the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City, NJ and attracted over 3,000 superintendents, business administrators, technology coordinators, and board members from school districts throughout New Jersey.

As a Premier Sponsor of the event and close partner of the NJSBA, Promedia Technology Services took on the responsibility of providing a digital signage solution to the entire conference. The solution spanned three floors of the Convention Center, with two LG LCD displays on each floor. Each display featured an embedded PC with an internet connection that pulled in the signagelive hosted content from the web.

In addition to the six screens throughout the building, signagelive powered content was also featured on a 12 foot projector screen at the entrance to the Exhibit Hall. Digital signage solutions were also provided for two 12 foot projection screens at the NJSBA sponsored Dance Party, which saw over 800 school board members attend. The hosted content on the screens included RSS feeds detailing schedules for that day that were customized for each floor as well as playlists featuring content provided by various sponsors of the event. The user-friendly interface of the signagelive solution made it quick and easy to synergize all of this content into a cohesive layout and presentation for the conference.

In addition to use throughout the Conference Center, Promedia Technology Services featured the signagelive solution in its own booth in the Partner Pavilion section of the exhibit hall. In the booth, two LG LED displays showed Promedia-developed content. This included customized videos, slideshows, and playlists, as well as a live-updating Twitter feed from @PromediaTech.

The dynamic possibilities offered by signagelive allowed Promedia to provide a comprehensive digital signage solution that earned rave reviews from the conference organizers and attendees alike.

You can find out more about Promedia Technology Services at or follow them on Twitter @PromediaTech.

About Signagelive

We are a 17 year old company solely focused on our multi award winning digital signage software. At signagelive®, we embrace steadily emerging and evolving technology to provide our customers with a digital signage software platform that reliably and efficiently runs even the largest retail networks.

We win repeat business and awards for a solution that is relentlessly current, nimble, well supported, open, easy to use, and truly affordable.

We’re known for innovation – leading the sector in the adoption of new technologies and standards like SMIL, HTML5, Media RSS, social media and mobile, and extending the medium to corporate desktops and IPTV.

Based in the UK and operating globally, we have a large, fast-growing and diverse client base that covers everything from small businesses to major retailers like Harrods and Thomson (TUI Travel).

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