March 28, 2023

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NEMO-Q Launches VisiDisc: Advertising and Branding Platform to Enhance Customers’ Queuing Installations

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New Offering Turns Base of Existing Stanchions or Crowd Control Ropes into “Billboards”

NEMO-Q, a premier leader in queuing management and customer flow technology, announces the launch of VisiDisc, a newly patented offering. VisiDisc provides advertising and branding opportunities for organizations to display with their existing customer waiting line installations.

VisiDisc turns a base of an existing stanchion for a customer waiting line or crowd control ropes into “billboard” platforms. The disc can be quickly installed and adjusts to the exact shape of the stanchion base. Organizations have the ability to insert a branding message, advertise a new product, or reinforce current offerings onto a respective disc.

“VisiDisc reflects the requests we have received from our clients to add an advertising platform to their queuing installations,” said Michael Berg, CEO, NEMO-Q. “As their customers wait in line, they have an opportunity to learn about the organization and its offerings in a friendly and low-key sales approach.

“Moreover, waiting customers begin to feel more aligned with an organization and not feel they are just ‘numbers’.”

NEMO-Q is a leader and pioneer in modern queuing management systems. The company’s queuing offerings range from the traditional take-a-number system to single queue systems, which direct the next customer standing in a line to the available register or window using simple LED displays or TV’s in combination with digital signage. In addition, NEMO-Q offers virtual queuing systems that organize customers and patients by number, name or short messaging service (SMS) while collecting wait time and productivity data.


Based in McKinney, Texas, NEMO-Q,, is considered to be the inventor of modern queuing and customer flow systems with initial development in 1978. The company currently boasts more than 40,000 systems installed in over 60 countries, including remote regions of the world. NEMO-Q’s targeted markets include banking, government, and retail, among others.

A customer-driven company, NEMO-Q is a product innovator and is continually at the forefront of new technology in its industry. NEMO-Q’s goal is to enhance productivity and measure wait times in order to make the waiting experience for its client’s customers more efficient and stress-free.

Source: NEMO-Q

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