Wednesday, December 6, 2023

EXCEPTIONAL 3D And 3D JOY Partner To Open Glasses-Free 3D Integration Facility To Serve Asian-Pacific Market

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Exceptional 3D and 3D Joy have teamed to bring cost effective auto-stereoscopic 3D digital signage solutions to meet Asian-Pacific Market demand

Exceptional 3D today announce a new partnership with distributor 3D Joy, based in Korea. Now, Exceptional 3D’s patented, glasses-free 3D technology will be available for resellers and end-users throughout the entire Asian-Pacific market. Under the terms of the agreement, 3D Joy will collaborate with Exceptional 3D to operate an integration facility which will service and bring their premium auto-stereoscopic 3D technology to the entire region. This will ensure that integration, shipping and delivery of Exceptional 3D’s glasses-free 3D solution is carried out in a cost effective manner with a price-point comparable to traditional 2D digital signage solutions.

The formation of this relationship enables 3D Joy to supply a complete digital signage solution that supports both no-glasses 3D and 2D digital signage capabilities. Additionally, an integrated content management solution also gives network operators the ability to play 3D and 2D simultaneously.

“There is a very big demand for glasses-free 3D digital signage solutions throughout the entire Asian-Pacific market,” says Raymond J. Kim, CEO, of 3D Joy. “The biggest struggle has been an ability to deliver high-quality display technology at an affordable cost. But with Exceptional 3D’s competitive go-to-market strategy, we were able to align ourselves with a business model that is effective and targets the entire region with real potential for mass adoption.” Mr. Kim finished in saying, “We’re very happy to be working with Exceptional 3D as a distribution partner to bring an affordable auto-stereoscopic 3D solution to the Asian [Pacific] market.”

Exceptional 3D has made some very good steps to in the last few months. This latest announcement continues the effort to take the restraints off of the ability for mass adoption of the no-glasses 3D technology. “Our current business model is all about keeping it simple and cost-effective, but a big part of keeping it simple is the overall experience,” said Dan Fischer, COO from Exceptional 3D.

“Even with a cost-effective mindset, we weren’t going to enter a new market unless it was with a partner who could ensure that a high-quality glasses-free 3D visual experience came first,” said Mr. Fischer. “We’re extremely happy about working with 3D Joy because they take a great deal of pride in the quality of their work,” continued Mr. Fischer, “so as the integrator for the [Asian-Pacific] region, they will effectively extend our same high-quality 3D technology with great affordability.” Mr. Fischer finished in saying, “The digital signage market is expanding around the world, mobility is on the rise and information needs to reach audiences faster and with higher impact. With 3D digital signage poised to meet the challenge, a best-in-breed partner like 3D Joy can seed the market to support the next generation of communications by accommodating the market with a future-proof solution.”

Headquartered in New York, Exceptional 3D ( designs, produces and delivers a patented, leading-edge 3D auto-stereoscopic (no glasses needed) visual display technology. The company specializes in providing high quality auto-stereoscopic 3D displays, software and 3D content to resellers, system integrators, trendsetters and network operators for widespread adaptation at cost effective prices. Exceptional 3D hardware and software solutions are a ‘future-proof’ technology that enables flat-panel displays to show high-definition 3D content without the need for any eye-wear or 3D glasses, while still being capable of supporting playback of standard 2D content. The company is ‘keeping it simple’ through first-in-class customer service and continual focus on delivering the best 3D experience for industries such as automotive, casino gaming, retail, cinemas, hospitality and a wide variety of additional vertical markets. More information about Exceptional 3D is available by visiting or following @exceptional3d on Twitter.


Headquartered in Seoul, Korea, 3D Joy ( specializes in various aspects of the 3D business including Hologram display and 3D Glasses-Free Display Technologies. 3D Joy provides leading edge quality 3D Glasses-Free Displays along with Exceptional 3D’s support. 3D Joy’s strategy is aligned with Exceptional 3D’s business model of “Keeping it Simple” to provide a local provision of quality products with quality content in the shortest possible time frame to Asia-Pacific regions. 3D-Joy is actively extending the coverage of 3D glasses-free display market in various countries such as Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam with many more coming. 3D Joy is actively leading the efforts of distributing this superior quality 3D Glasses-Free Display, along with passionate and enthusiastic resellers and partners in the Asia-Pacific region. Locally, 3D Joy supports countries within Asia-Pacific region and time zone(s) to offer real-time support for the technology, consulting, content provision and other various cooperation for the development of the 3D business. Having a firm partnership with Exceptional 3D, 3D Joy is confident in accomplishing their model for “Paradigm shifts in 3D advertisement”.


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