May 30, 2023

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Adtraxion Systems and DIGIT Professional join hands

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Enabling customers to benefit from a wide variety of reliable all-in-one solutions

A new cooperation between digital signage companies Adtraxion Systems and DIGIT Professional was announced today. The Adtraxion digital signage Player software was successfully tested on DIGIT’s series of network enabled Panel PCs (ProDVX Osprey). Consequently DIGIT Professional will be promoted as Adtraxion’s strategic Panel PC partner of choice. The cooperation of these two companies allows customers access to a fully integrated solution, characterized by its flexible choice in appearance, optimum reliability and ease of use.

The combined solution meets the growing demand for fully integrated solutions. These products can be applied in different settings, such as retail, hospitality, meeting rooms, hospitals and public transportation.

DIGIT Professional, market leader in self-service solutions, provides a range of advanced metal Panel PCs. This series includes many different size displays and are equipped with normal and high brightness TFT panels and optional Touch screens. In addition, Adtraxion delivers its easy to use digital signage management software, in which users can effectively compose playlists and determine scheduling.

Adtraxion has chosen DIGIT Professional Panel PCs because of its great imagery and proven reliability. The given results fitted perfectly in the company’s mission to provide the most robust and reliable digital signage available. “In DIGIT Professional we now have a strong partner in the field of Panel PCs“, says Dick Tuinebreijer, CCO Adtraxion Systems. “Our partners have the choice from many different Panel PC configurations. Allowing them to meet any specific project demand they might encounter, without compromising on reliability.”

“We are very excited about the cooperation between Adtraxion Systems and DIGIT Professional,” says Harold Niericker, CTO DIGIT Professional. “The combination of Adtraxion software and DIGIT Professional Panel PCs will provide users with a comprehensive digital signage solution at an affordable price.”

After successful testing of the compatibility of both platforms, both parties are very enthusiastic about the new cooperation. Both organisations therefore have started discussions for closer cooperation in a number of other areas. This includes future testing of the compatibility between Adtraxion digital signage software and DIGIT Professional’s new modular instore media system (ProDVX Lightbox II).

About Adtraxion SystemsAdtraxion Systems

Adtraxion Systems solely concentrates its efforts and investments on development of a dedicated range of high performance digital signage products. Based in The Netherlands and operating European-wide, we have established a large network of certified Adtraxion partners. These partners are responsible for marketing and sales of comprehensive plug & play digital signage solutions. Our fast-growing customer base exists of diverse types of companies. From local businesses to global companies. At Adtraxion Systems we are committed in delivering the most reliable digital signage solutions. Enabling our customers to get their message across effectively and conveniently. Core components of the Adtraxion digital signage solution are robust digital signage players and highly efficient digital signage software. For more information on the Adtraxion digital signage solution, please visit

About DIGIT Professional

Digit Professional Europe B.V., headquartered in Druten, the Netherlands, is a worldwide distributor and manufacturer of point-of-purchase / point-of-information products. DIGIT is an expert in the field of Digital Signage and Interactive Display solutions, with a product  range of LCD’s, Interactive displays, self service terminals, Lightbox systems, Solid State players and PC’s. DIGIT offers solutions for each budget and every desired retail application. DIGIT is specialized in touch technology and touch applications; both hard- and software. DIGIT develops and supplies components and turnkey solutions to: industry, medical environment, entertainment business, financial business, nautical as well as the retail branch (point of sale, point of information and point of promotion). For more information please visit

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