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MouTV TMB launches a new information system for users of the subway and bus

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MouTV TMB SubwayMouTV has presented the new information system service through videopantalles promoted and managed by TMB for its bus and metro networks. The event, held in the Metro New Trinity, has chaired the Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Xavier Trias, and was attended by the president of TMB, Joaquim Forn, and executive vice president, Zach Tab.

With a dynamic and attractive image, MouTV through high-resolution projectors, large format screens and monitors aims to provide real time public transport information that the user needs, along with general information content and practical that enrich the journey. This emphasis on information, TMB is at the international forefront of technology to improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

Between subway and bus, 340 points of issue

Currently MouTV seen in 19-inch monitors inside 48 buses, subway platforms in 31 equipped with projectors and large format screens, flat screens in 126 32-inch and 42 located on other platforms, and the spectacular videomosaic LED 4 x 2.25 meters from the Spanish station on Line 1. In addition, the program can continue in the 30 monitors 15 inches of a train that runs to the experimental line 3. MouTV now has presence in 340 points of the networks of TMB.

It is expected that the issue later this year to reach more platforms and buses, as well as the offices of four points TMB Citizen. In total, in December 1247 is expected to have points of distribution. In a later phase, expected in late 2012 over 2,000 screens and projectors distributed in the metro, buses and other locations.

Priority service to content MouTV TMB screen inside bus

As for content, MouTV is distinguished by giving priority to the service. In the case of the subway platforms, we have incorporated the estimated time of arrival of the next train and buses, the thermometer indicating the line of the next stops and connections. At the bottom of the screen, there are text messaging service with new or corporate information. Will be gradually adding information about the service changes and recommendations for mobility, updatable in real time, superimposed on clips of the information and publicity, with the possibility of selecting the points of issue as the geographic position.

The development of new videodifusió system, developed in collaboration with JCDecaux, the world leader in outdoor advertising, has required a major technological effort to perfect the system of transfers to the platforms, trains and buses, and the manager content by which it is administered and maintained current programming grid.

Source: TMB

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