Sunday, July 14, 2024

VSI announces VSI 1.2 introduction, expanded functionality

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Visible Spectrum logoVisible Spectrum, Inc. located in Burr Ridge, IL introduces VSI 1.2, a web-based system for effortlessly creating custom video content for any digital platform. The 1.2 version implements interface changes suggested by beta users, and adds a full professional palette of text and color editing tools. It also includes a timeline “visualizer” to help users understand the customizable elements of each template at a glance.

VSI 1.2 puts content creation directly in the end user’s hands, without requiring training or expensive graphic artists. Easy-to-use database-driven content creation tools and software yield professional quality, full motion, custom video content produced simply, quickly and affordably by the user. The finished product looks exactly like a high-budget professional TV ad.

“With VSI, both the technical and economic barriers to using targeted full motion video ads have been eliminated,” said John Malec, CEO and co-founder of Visible Spectrum.

‘Content’ can be ads, infomercials, customer information, news, employee communications – whatever can be represented as a video file (with or without audio). The ad can contain rich media; and certain fields can be automatically filled in via database-links or RSS feeds. No matter what digital platform or targeting criteria is selected, users of VSI 1.2 can now produce professional, full broadcast quality advertising in minutes and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Users select from hundreds of templates designed by professional graphic artists, and then select their own background images and/or video from a micro stock cloud already containing 13+ million assets. Users can even upload their own assets, store them securely in the cloud, and integrate them into custom compositions.

Customizing includes adding your own text or audio track; and selecting colors and other elements. You can preview your composition as it develops . . . in nearly real time. Change elements until you’re satisfied. Only when you have a composition that meets your needs and you approve the price do you take delivery.

“VSI templates are not the flat 2 dimensional templates common to digital signage. Rather, they can include state-of-the-art 2.5D motion making them the equal of the most elaborate television or blockbuster movie creations,” Malec further stated.

Companies providing infrastructure to any digital platform, via a white label licensee can place VSI’s functionality on its own dashboard branded in its own skin, and offer its clients a fast and inexpensive way to create professional video content. Captive network operators can reduce their ad production budgets while increasing the number of targeted versions they produce; they can shorten lead time and increase control via an Enterprise License.

For a demo account and to see for yourself how VSI can change the way you communicate about your business, go to

Source: Visible Spectrum

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