June 10, 2023


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3DFusion shows off glasses-free 3D TV around the country

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The first time we heard about the glasses-free 3DTV that 3DFusion was working on was back in 2009 at CES. It has taken a long time, but it seems that glasses-free TV is ready to hit the consumer market now. 3DFusion has announced that it is the first to market with stereoscopic broadcast quality 3D TV that needs no glasses and the company has installed a demo station for the first time to show off its hardware.

The demon installation for the TVs is in a 3D digital signage installation touting the TVs placed at The Shops at Ithaca Mall in Ithaca, NY. I have long said the adoption of 3D TVs for home users would soar once we and a reasonably priced 3D TV that needed no 3D glasses. The TVs will be shown off at other malls and locations around the country.

3DFusion hopes to place a bunch of the demo units in 25 major demographics areas around the country. As the demonstration stands get the tech out in the public eye the company is set to come to market with the commercial screens. 3DFusion President Steve Blumenthal says that the company is ready to enter the market with sales of glasses-free 3D screens and software tools that are competitively priced. There is no word on what the price of the TVs will be.

Source: Slashgear