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Interactive Marketing at Retail Store

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AOpen Garmin Interactive Marketing at Retail StoreThe Director of Retail at Garmin decided to look for an innovative way of promoting their navigation systems and chose for an interactive digital signage solution using their own software on an AOpen Digital Engine and a Philips LCD display.

Garmin international is a marketleader in navigation and communications systems for the airforce, automotive, watersport and outdoor sectors. They are innovators in their area of expertise and this is also shown in their promotional activities. The company installed a digital signage solution in the window of one of their stores in Moscow, Russia.

Key Benefits
• State-of-the-art technology
• Built brand awareness
• Interactive communication
• Adissy technology advisor
• AOpen Digital Engine
• Garmin software and
content creation
• Philips LCD display

The Director of Retail at Garmin decided to look for an innovative way of promoting their navigation systems and chose for an interactive digital signage solution. This approach is completely in line with the companies mind-set to make things easier for the consumer.

The Solution

Today the solution is visible at the Garmin store in the Eurocenter shopping mall in Moscow, Russia. The system is presented as a creative solution combining the transparent window-foil with an interactive touch-screen that can be operated from outside the shop. The display with touch functionality perfectly mimics the touch-screen navigator product that Garmin is promoting, allowing visitors that pass by the store to get an idea of the interface. This way of interactive marketing lets the company Garmin communicate with potential customers. It also increases the brand awareness.

By using state-of-the-art techonology the company strengthens its brand image. Especially for a company that is active in computer technology this form of promotion is well perceived by the target audience. Of course the main purpose of the promotion is to attract visitors to the store and to give them a ‘feeling’ of the products, so that the customer can be convinced of the products strengths that would ideally lead to a sale.

The Installation

20110908003The company Adissy advised Garmin on the technical specifications of the solution: using a Philips LCD display BDL4225 with interactive transparant touch-foil and an AOpen Digital Engine DE7000 to run the software and content that Garmin created themselves. Adissy is one of AOpen’s main distributors in Russia, offering a whole range of digital signage solutions for building distributed digital signage networks for both advertising and corporate communication purposes. By being the official distributor of AOpen, and other leading companies in the digital signage industry , Adissy became not only a supplier of robust and scalable solutions but also an expert for its customers due to its experience in the market.

At the moment Garmin started with a pilot at one of their stores in Moscow, with more to follow after a successful evaluation. The test will measure the effectiveness of the medium, measuring the amount of visitors and sales in return. In the end it all revolves around increasing sales numbers.


About AOpen

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