Monday, May 27, 2024

Hi-Tech Media are delighted to announce the launch of their new digital advertising format, Trendy TV & Trendy Vend

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Hi Tech Media TrendyVendThe new opportunity incorporates a sound enabled digital screen with a vending station.

Situated in the washrooms of bars and clubs, Trendy Vend is a pamper station for young, style conscious partygoers on a night out. The female machine will stock cosmetics and fashion related products, acting as an emergency handbag kit on a night out. The vending opportunities for men would range from hair wax and deodorant to aftershave and mints. All products will be vended in boxes with perforated cut-outs, allowing bespoke branding and special offers to drive in-store sales.

Trendy Vend can offer brand new retail locations for existing brands and the opportunity to sample new product launches in a stylish, sociable environment.

While Trendy Vend is suited primarily to cosmetics and fashion brands, the TV opportunity allows any client with a young, sociable target audience to advertise to a gender specific and receptive target market. The 19” HD widescreen can play static digital creative, animations and, for its most effective use and thanks to its sound capabilities, full TV adverts or trailers. Due to the remote ad download we can change copy regularly, so brands can target an audience with different messages throughout a campaign.

Hi-Tech have targeted drinking hotspots in key cities to reach the most affluent and trendy of bar audiences. The stylish design and unique offerings of Trendy Vend have enabled us to secure some of the best bars and nightclubs in the UK including Anaya, Cargo, Potion, The Shoreditch, Venus Bar and Alma de Cuba.

Rolling out from an initial 250 screens to 3000 over the next 18 months, Trendy TV & Trendy Vend offers a unique, innovative and cost effective solution for clients to engage with the UK’s Trend Setters.

Keep an eye out for our website launching 5th September and our Facebook page later in the month for the chance to win an iPad and Spa weekends.

For further information please contact:

Sales – fiona [at] // 0203 372 0992

Marketing – bosco [at] // 0203 372 0993

Source: Hi-Tech Media

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