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The Slimmest, Full-Flat Screen Infotainment Terminal, Designed for Cloud Services

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Advantech, a leading computing platform service and solution provider, is happy to announce the HIT-W121, designed to fit a variety of hospitality and health center applications. HIT-W121, an Hospitality/Healthcare Infotainment Terminal, has an 11.6” single-surface touchscreen, is powered by an Intel® Atom™ D510 Processor, supports Windows, Android and Linux operating systems, and is built with a compact, VESA mountable form factor. The medical-grade device works well not only in healthcare applications, but with its slim design, it is an exceptional choice for applications in commercial environments such as retail shelf displays, banking, and RFID-based Smart Card applications. HIT-W121 features an LED alarm; 2D barcode capability; COM, LAN, Coax and USB ports; Wi-Fi; webcam and external power switch. Appearance and function keys can be customized, and it is easily mountable using standard VESA hardware.

Dual-Certifications and Easy Integration

HIT-W121 is dual-certified. It complies with both EN60601-1/UL60601-1, as well as EN 60950 standards. This makes it suitable for environments that require medical-grade technology for a complete range of application support. HIT-W121 is 43mm slim, and operates fanlessly. It uses VESA75 mounting technology which allows it to fit easily different mounting scenarios. The small form factor and lightweight unit is suitable for many uses, and the single-piece design of the front panel makes it easy to clean. For complete flexibility in integration, HIT-W121 supports a wide variety of operating systems: WES2009, WES7, Windows 7, Windows XP, Fedora Core 13, Ubuntu 10.4, and Android 2.2.

Flexible Design-In Features Support iServices Applications

HIT-W121 has a host of features built in. The powerhouse dual-core processor delivers superlative performance, and the unit can take advantage of COM, LAN and USB connectors for attachment to external peripherals and wired-network support. An LED on the unit can be used for alarms, and the program keys on the front panel can be customized to support one-touch functions as needed. A built-in webcam, speaker and microphone enable internet communication options and there is a privacy indicator to notify the user when the camera is active.

Extendable Options to Meet Specific Needs

HIT-W121 also has many optional features to meet specific needs. An RFID reader and a Smart Card slot are onboard and Android support enables near field communications for electronic wallet and other smartphone payment options. An intelligent handset can be attached to enable VOIP with auto-detected pickup. A TV tuner can be added and a coax connection can provide cable-TV to hospital patient rooms. 3.5G cellular support is also available, allowing HIT-W121 to serve as a standalone retail shelf display with real-time, over-the-air updates of data; optional 2D barcode support provides even more retail possibilities.

Advantech also offers customization or removal of the program keys. HIT-W121 can be ordered in black matte, polished white or other colors, and a company logo can be applied. The Smart Card slot may also be covered up if not needed.

Advantech’s HIT-W121 will be available at the end of the month. For more information about Advantech’s infotainment terminal product line, please contact local sales or visit our website:

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