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BLR Sign Systems Introduces Digital Signage as a New Communications Medium at Trade Shows

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BLR Sign Systems Digital SignageBLR Sign Systems introduces dynamic digital signage for an effective means of communication. Learn how it provides a more attractive ambience at trade shows and events.

Portable displays, large printed graphics and backdrops are pretty common at trade shows and events. But adding dynamic digital signage to the mix is something new and cool, and offers way more features than printed static signs.

BLR Sign Systems, a full service signage and visual communications company in San Jose, has been one of few companies, if not the only, offering digital signage solutions for this purpose.

While a provider of all forms of traditional interior and exterior signs, wide format printing and custom engraved signage, they have been offering dynamic digital signage to their customers for the past 3 years. They have provided permanent installments as well as temporary digital signs (for trade shows and events).

More importantly, they’ve discovered how integrating dynamic digital signs with static signs for trade shows and events delivers a more effective means of communication and a more attractive ambience. The feedback has been great, and the common reason for repeat business has been the “improved customer experience” for event attendees.

For example, one large corporation held their third annual “Tech Pulse” event at the Santa Clara Convention Center, where technical employees from all across the world came together to share ideas, present new technologies and dig into new opportunities for innovation.

BLR Sign Systems not only provided all the printed signage and large format graphics for this event, but also created, installed and deployed digital signage on 15 plasma screens placed all around the convention center. Click here to see more photos.

The content planning for the digital signs followed a process, starting with an initial meeting with stakeholders to understand their communication goals and objectives for the 2-day event. The visual content for the digital signs included photos, text messages, graphic images, video, Flash animations and live web feeds. A schedule of what content is to show up when and where was coordinated, depending on location of screens and when attendees would be viewing them.

The full list of digital signage content included:

  • Agendas for each of the lecture halls
  • Wayfinding instructions to help direct attendees on where to go
  • Video
  • Corporate “fun facts” and quotes
  • Photos taken on-site during the event
  • A floor plan of exhibits
  • Information such as “housekeeping rules”, advice on registration, transportation, etc.

Thumbnail previews of all content were proposed to the client for their approval. Once all the visuals were finalized, the next step was to “build the signs” using digital signage software that pushes the content to media players.

The day before the event, BLR Sign Systems completed hardware installation (screens and media players) and testing of all 15 digital signs on-site at the convention center. The content was scheduled and displayed on all the screens, in high-resolution quality.

Over the duration of the event, new content such as agenda revisions, live feeds and even photos taken on-the-spot were published to the screens in real time for instant display.

Trade shows and events are usually a place where multiple messages need to be constantly displayed and constantly changed. Dynamic digital signage makes that possible.

With their experience and creative expertise, BLR Sign Systems is fast becoming the San Francisco Bay Area’s leading provider of digital signage solutions.

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