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Avalue Technology Boosts Panel PC Performance with New Intel Atom D525 Processors

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Avalue Industrial Panel PCs

Avalue Technology, a leader in industrial computer solutions, has enhanced its diverse series of Panel PCs with the integration of Intel® Atom™ D525 dual-core processors, revolutionizing applications across various industries including industrial automation, commercial, in-vehicle, home automation, and medical sectors.

The updated product lines featuring the advanced processors include the LPC Industrial HMI Series, MPC Interactive Digital Signage Series, FPC Infotainment Platform Series, and PPC Economical E-Service Platform Series. This technological enhancement not only offers slimmer and broader designs but also improves performance per watt, making these devices more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

With a keen focus on versatility, Avalue Technology has engineered these Panel PCs to meet a wide range of customer needs, focusing on functionality, durability, and aesthetic design. These devices are equipped with cutting-edge features such as wireless capabilities, enhanced graphic displays, multi-touch screens, and tailored user interfaces to cater to the evolving demands of the Panel PC market.

Notably, the rugged specifications of Avalue’s Panel PCs stand out, with several models boasting IP-65 ratings that ensure protection against dust and water, making them suitable for harsh environmental conditions. The LPC-Series goes a step further by offering complete IP-65 protection, demonstrating Avalue’s commitment to reliability and durability.

The adoption of a modular concept in these Panel PCs enhances their expandability and extends their lifecycle significantly beyond that of typical consumer panel computers. This approach not only facilitates customization according to customer preferences but also fosters sustainability through prolonged usability.

Key to these advancements is the Intel® Atom™ D525 processor, which incorporates memory controllers and graphic cores directly onto the CPU. This integration enhances space utilization and power management, supporting features like wide voltage support and surge protection while reducing the thermal design power (TDP) to minimize environmental impact.

The current models equipped with the Intel® Atom™ D525 processor include:

  • LPC Industrial HMI Series: Models LPC-1005, LPC-1205, LPC-1505
  • FPC Infotainment Platform Series: Models FPC-08W05, FPC-10W05, FPC-17W05
  • MPC Interactive Digital Signage Series: Models MPC-10W5, MPC-21W5, and the upcoming MPC-42W5
  • PPC Economical E-Service Platform Series: Models PPC-1505, PPC-1705, PPC-18W05, PPC-22W05

For more detailed information about Avalue Technology’s Panel PC offerings or to inquire about specific products, visit

About Avalue Technology

Avalue Technology (TAIEX: 3479) is a renowned manufacturer of industrial computers based in Taiwan, with a product portfolio that includes embedded computers, single-board computers, industrial motherboards, and more. Certified by ISO-9001, Avalue ensures quality across all aspects of its operations. The company’s global presence is supported by offices in Shanghai, New Jersey, and California, alongside an extensive international distribution network.

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