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BrightSign Bridges Technology and Innovation with 20-foot Synchronized HD Video Arch at InfoComm 2011

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BrightSign logoArch Guides Booth Visitors to a Simulated Retail Setting Showcasing the Latest Trends in Digital Signage

BrightSign®, a sponsor of the InfoComm 2011 Digital Signage Application Showcase, announced today that it will welcome visitors to its Retail-focused Showcase Booth #4883 with a huge synchronized HD video arch.  Constructed with seven BrightSign HD1010 solid-state digital sign controllers driving seven 52-in. screens, the remarkable arch measures almost 20 feet across and 9 feet high. The arch will serve as the entrance to a simulated specialty clothing store showing how retailers can enhance their customers’ shopping experience.  This welcoming video arch was the result of a collaboration of industry leaders including BrightSign; MMD, Philips Commercial Displays; Chief and Flixio.  Other leading-edge digital signge solutions that will be showcased in this replicated retail setting are the newly introduced, all-inclusive BrightSign TD1012 portable tabletop display, as well as  a sleek 6.5-foot floor kiosk with touch screen interactivity driven by a BrightSign HD1010w controller.

The freestanding BrightSign TD1012 tabletop display will be placed on a merchandise table to promote the clothing surrounding the displays as well as store specials and branding.  Measuring only 10.5”w x 19.9”h x 9.9”d, the BrightSign TD1012 is designed fit easily on tabletops, at check-out counters, on shelves and desktops. Ready to use right out of the box, the portable tower simplifies deployment because it doesn’t require a PC, any external power or wiring.  In addition to featuring a solid-state player and a built-in portrait 12.1” high-resolution screen, the turnkey portable display includes a replaceable/rechargeable battery that provides at least 12 hours of battery life and Wi-Fi networking capabilities for remote content updates.

The floor kiosk in the retail store is driven by a solid-state BrightSign HD1010w and will feature a touch screen jeans finder that enables users to match their style preferences with a particular fit of jeans.  With built-in Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) capabilities, the HD1010w eliminates the complexity, clutter and restrictions of connecting cables.  Users save time and lower deployment costs because they don’t have to run network cabling to spaces that normally don’t have them.  Like all BrightSign players, the HD1010w includes BrightAuthor software, a powerful PC-based application that features intuitive templates and tools for creating, updating, managing and monitoring digital signage displays.

For the synchronized retail video arch display, BrightSign, LLC delivered 7 BrightSign network-enabled HD1010 solid-state controllers to play back the 7 videos with crystal-clear HD video quality. Each player also controls the Ethernet synchronization across 7 monitors.  Using the free BrightAuthor software application, the 7 presentations were easily created and synchronized together to create the seamless playback effect.  One BrightSign unit acts as the master player and the other 6 act as slaves, linking up their playback based on the synchronization commands sent from the master.  Offering both looping sign control and interactive sign control, BrightSign’s solid-state HD1010 is a versatile, expandable media player that is highly reliable and affordable due to its PC-less design. With a power requirement of only about 3-5 watts, compared to 70-90 watts for an average PC, it also uses substantially less power.  Featuring a very low profile, the player can be tucked out of sight–even with the slim monitors used for the video arch.

MMD, the company that markets and sells Philips Commercial Displays worldwide, supplied 7 Philips commercial-grade full-HD LCD monitors for the arch.  The monitors feature Smart Insert, a VESA standard mounting location at the back of the display which allows the compact BrightSign media player to be inserted discreetly on the back of the display and to draw power from the display chassis.  In addition to providing 24/7-grade commercial performance, the displays provide full diagnostic feedback to the network center.

Chief , a division of Milestone AV Technologies, a Duchossois Group Company, provided the award-winning FUSION wall mounts for each of the 7 screens and the digital media player mounts that hold the BrightSign players. The system works together to ensure a secure and clean fit throughout the arch frame.  Headquartered in Savage, Minnesota, Chief is a 30-year veteran in the AV industry.

Unique, eye-catching content for the video arch displays is provided by Flixio, a premium player in the realm of digital signage. Based in Oregon City, OR, Flixio provides high-definition footage, motion graphics and 2D/3D animation for premium digital content use across the country.


Availability, Pricing

BrightSign all-in-one digital players and kiosk controllers are available from the BrightSign Store with prices ranging from US$284.99 for the HD110 with simple looping video playback, US$399.99 for the HD210 network-enabled digital sign player, US$649.99 for the HD1010 network-enabled interactive digital sign and kiosk controller, US$699.00 for the HD1010w with built-in Wi-Fi and $1,999 for the all-inclusive TD1012 battery operated tabletop signage solution with built-in Wi-Fi.

Included free of charge for all BrightSign customers, BrightAuthor, the central interface for BrightSign single-site and networked digital signage displays, is a PC-based application that makes creating, updating, managing and monitoring digital signage displays so easy, no IT department is required.

About BrightSign

BrightSign, LLC, based in Saratoga, California, develops products and software for digital signage. BrightSign solid-state digital sign controllers set new standards for both stand-alone and networked digital signage applications with their superior video quality, reliability, affordability, ease of use and interactivity. Online information about BrightSign units is available at For sales inquiries, please contact sales [at] or call 408-852-9263 in the USA and +44-1223-911842 internationally.  Follow BrightSign at and

About Chief

Chief is a division of Milestone AV Technologies, a Duchossois Group Company, and has more than 30 years of proven product and service excellence. Committed to responding to industry needs in the Pro AV, Residential and Workstation markets, Chief offers a complete line of projector and display mounts, lifts and accessories as wells as a comprehensive line of AV Rack Systems.

About Flixio

Flixio, a producer of premium video and motion graphic content based in Oregon City, OR, develops video, motion graphics and 2D/3D animation to make Digital applications come alive. Flixio studios combines a stock library of 4,500 HD clips, a full creative and design team and unparalleled customer service as well as trouble-shooting support to ensure client content comes alive, engages viewers, trains employees and delivers results. For content inquiries, please contact sales [at] or call 503-607-0010.

About MMD

MMD is a wholly owned company of TPV established in 2009 through a brand license agreement with Philips. MMD exclusively markets and sells Philips branded LCD displays worldwide. By combining the Philips brand promise with TPV’s manufacturing expertise in displays, MMD uses a fast and focused approach to bringing innovative products to the global market. MMD operates internationally with its North America headquarters in Roswell, GA, as well as a European headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Through its network of local sales agents MMD works with a broad array of distributors, system integrators and resellers around the world. The company’s design and development centers are located in Taiwan and Eindhoven.

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Karen Fore
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