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Digital View- Both Digital Signage & Electronics Divisions on Display at ScreenMedia Expo 2011

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Digital View, the digital signage display and media player solutions provider, will be exhibiting solutions from both its component and finished product divisions at London’s ScreenMedia Expo on 18th & 19th May 2011.

Working with TrueColours – the specialist UK signage solution distributor – (on Booth #E19) Digital View’s Signage Division will be exhibiting their latest DisplayMark Signage Monitors, ViewStream Media Players, VideoFlyers and Media Scaler and Converter products.

Working with Arrow Electronics – the international components distributor – (on Booth #E13) Digital View’s System Builder Division will be exhibiting its latest range of Integre Open Frame Chassis Systems, Media Player Integrator Boards and LCD interface kits.

A central feature of both exhibits will be Digital View’s unique DisplayMark technology.  DisplayMark offers the final word on media play-out compliance. Using a magic-pixel sensor and a special pulse on a single pixel in bottom left hand corner of the display, DisplayMark enabled monitors check themselves for any irregularities in signal, performance or activity. These are immediately reported back through a networked alert mechanism – providing proof that the display is switched on and working properly, a critical feature for all digital signage applications.

Digital View’s Signage Division and TrueColours will be exhibiting the company’s latest 32” & 46” DisplayMark enabled Signage Monitors.  Designed specifically for the rigors of the 24/7 signage market, these ‘people-proof’ DisplayMark Signage Monitors are designed with extra wide viewing angles, for both landscape and portrait ‘poster’ mode.  They offer fan-less, silent HD playback, signal inputs for HDMI, DVI, VGA, Video & HD-SDI, picture-in-picture functionality, full RS-232 network control and energy efficient ultra-low standby mode.

Meanwhile with Arrow, Digital View’s System Builder Division will be exhibiting the DisplayMark enabled large format LCD Integre Chassis Solutions. The Integre products are a family of pre-configured mounting plates for manufacturers working with large format displays. Supplied complete with driver electronics, power supplies, wiring harnesses and thermal management components, Integre plates are designed to enable the easy mounting of any specific large format display.  All the system builder need do is add the display and simply encase their final custom housing around it.

For customers looking for a complete Digital Signage solution – both the DisplayMark Signage Monitors and Integre Chassis systems are available with embedded Digital View ViewStream Media players.  These solid state high definition network updatable devices offer cost effective, ‘bullet-proof’ reliability and over 100,000 hours of 1080P HD playback.

The ViewStreams are also the chosen HD media players for the LoveContent Gallery and LoveContent Awards.  The LoveContent Gallery is showcasing the very best in digital out-of-home creative at ScreenMedia Expo (Booth #E55) and the annual awards ceremony celebrates the winning entries from over 120 campaign submissions.

Digital View is renowned for the industrial quality of its media players, driver electronics and display systems. With clever design Digital View solutions eliminate panel hotspots, reduce power supply load and enhance thermal control. The company offers exceptional high specification performance, and provides a standard 3 year warranty on all electronics.

Visit Digital View at ScreenMedia Expo 2011 on Booth E13    & Booth E19

About Digital View
Established in 1995, Digital View Group ( is a proven supplier of specialist electronics for the digital signage and retail media markets.  The company has sold over 150,000 solid state media players, supplying not only many digital signage operators, but also brands including Proctor & Gamle, Nokia, L’Oreal, TAG Heuer, Hugo Boss, Unilever, Coca Cola, Philip Morris, Hasbro and Bosch.

For more information, contact:
USA:     Dusty Perryman: (408) 782 7773 – dusty.perryman [at]
UK:    Ian Larkman: +44 (0) 207 631 2150 – ilarkman [at]
HK:    Michelle Fung: +852 2861 3615 – michelle.fung [at]

Source: Digital View

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