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Atlona Products on Display at ISE 2013

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Atlona® Multichannel Audio Converter (AT-HD-M2C)
The Atlona® AT-HD-M2C converts multichannel audio — up to Dolby® TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio™ signals — into a two-channel stereo format that is compatible for displays and legacy devices such as AVR receivers or distribution amplifiers. The AT-HD-M2C’s multichannel EDID takes the guesswork out of managing audio for the sources. Discreet status lights for PCM, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS Digital Surround™, and DTS-HD Master Audio allow users to determine the incoming audio signal at a glance. A variety of output ports, including S/PDIF, HDMI®, and analog, allow audio to pass to amplifiers and legacy audio receivers that don’t support HDMI, while still passing both audio and video to HDMI displays.

The AT-HD-M2C will be available Q1, 2013. Please contact Atlona for more product information.

Atlona® 4×4 and 8×8 HDMI® Matrix Switchers (AT-H2H-44M and AT-H2H-88M)
The Atlona® AT-H2H-44M 4×4 and AT-H2H-88M 8×8 HDMI® matrix switchers route HDMI from signals from four or eight sources to the same number of displays. Multiple displays can be driven simultaneously at resolutions of up to 1080p with support for 3D formats.

Built-in digital S/PDIF audio loop-outs allow audio distribution to zone amplifiers or A/V receivers. S/PDIF outputs support digital audio signals up to Dolby® Digital and DTS 5.1. The matrix switchers support all lossy and lossless formats up to Dolby TrueHD, including DTS-HD Master Audio™ pass-through for HDMI outputs as well as Audio Return Channel (ARC).

The units’ advanced EDID management ensures compatibility across multiple displays, while an EDID learning function can be customized for any connected component. The switchers feature multiple control interfaces, such as RS-232, IR, and the front panel, with future updates for TCP/IP through their Ethernet ports. In addition, the AT-H2H-44M and AT-H2H-88M feature a USB firmware port that allows for quick and easy upgrades in the field.

Atlona® High-Speed HDMI® 6×6 Matrix Switcher (AT-PRO3HD66M)
The Atlona® AT-PRO3HD66M 6×6 HDMI® matrix switcher, using HDBaseT™ technology, extends HDMI from sources up to 70 meters feet over category cables. The matrix switcher allows for effortless control of up to twelve devices through IR remote control, RS-232, TCP/IP, third-party IR control boxes, and the front panel. The unit also has Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities, which allows for power to be carried by the category cable to the receivers. With this feature, no power supply is needed for the receivers.

The AT-PRO3HD66M has built-in digital audio S/PDIF loop-outs that allow audio distribution to an AVR or amplifier. S/PDIF output supports PCM two-channel, Dolby® 2.0, Dolby Digital 5.1, and DTS 5.1 digital audio formats. To ensure that all audio passes through, the 6×6 matrix switcher supports all lossy and lossless formats up to Dolby True HD — including DTS-HD Master Audio™ pass-through for HDMI outputs — as well as 3D signals. In addition, there are two HDMI outputs for AVR digital audio decoding for devices such as Blu-ray™ players outputting Dolby TrueHD or Dolby DTS-HD Master Audio.

Programmable, learned EDID memory presets are loadable to any source connected to the matrix switcher, ensuring that any display can receive audio and video.

The AT-PRO3HD66M will be available Q1, 2013. Please contact Atlona for more product information.

Atlona® HDBaseT™ Distribution Amplifiers (AT-HDCAT-4, AT-HDCAT-8, and AT-HDCAT-8ED)
Atlona® will be displaying its new HDBaseT™ distribution amplifiers over category cables for users that need to display a single source to multiple displays over a long distance. The AT-HDCAT-4 and -8 carry signals up to 70 meters, and the AT-HDCAT-8ED extends that distance up to 100 meters.

All units feature two auto-switched HDMI® inputs with an HDMI loop-out for cascading, analog audio outputs with captive screw, EDID management, S/PDIF, and Power over Ethernet which allows for power to be carried by the category cable to the receivers. With this feature, no power supply is needed for the receivers. Dual purpose wall and rack-mount brackets, as well as dual (redundant) power supply capabilities are also available.

HDMI® Extenders Over Cat 5e/6/7
Atlona® HDMI® extender series over HDBaseT™ comes in three different application solutions designed to send A/V, control, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) over a single category cable. All units feature USB update ports, support for pass-through resolutions up to 4Kx2K, CEC pass-through, and PoE, which allows for power to be carried by the category cable to the receivers.

Atlona will highlight the AT-HDTX transmitter and AT-HDRX receiver, which offer a captive screw termination for power on the transmitter for lower cost installations up to 70 meters.

The AT-HDTX-IR transmitter and AT-HDRX-IR receiver are perfect for applications that call for IR control, adding bidirectional IR and a captive screw termination for IR up to 70 meters.

For applications where RS-232 and Ethernet pass-through are needed, Atlona offers the AT-HDTX-RSNET transmitter and AT-HDRX-RSNET receiver. The units offer these features in addition to bidirectional IR, captive screw termination, and PoE. The AT-HDRX-RSNET receiver provides a range of up to 100 meters.

To meet the needs of U.K. applications, Atlona will introduce HDBaseT wall-plate receivers as an option to the company’s traditional box designs. The HDMI AT-HDWP extenders over HDBaseT offer the same features as the box solutions above, and are available in wall-plate form factor. The new Atlona wall-plate extenders are elegant, custom-fit solutions for receiving digital signals in residential or commercial applications. The units are available in three options: AT-HDWP-UK (HDMI), AT-HDWP-IR-UK (with IR), and AT-HDWP-RSNET-UK (with RS232 and Ethernet Pass-through).

About Atlona

Atlona® is a leading provider of innovative connectivity solutions to the audio/visual and IT markets. Since 2003, the company has been designing and engineering award-winning products for a diverse range of residential and commercial A/V and IT applications, including education, business, government, entertainment, healthcare, and other markets.

Atlona’s products and services enable system designers, integrators, consultants, and installers to create scalable, customized solutions that keep their organizations on the cutting-edge, increase efficiencies, exceed customer expectations, and lower costs. Atlona focuses on delivering products with the innovative features and reliability customer’s demand, all at the best value in the industry.

More information about Atlona is available at www.atlona.com.

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