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Gefen Shows New Digital Connectivity Solutions at IBC

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Gefen will introduce several new products designed to enhance the installation and integration process for audio/video and broadcast systems at this year’s IBC in Amsterdam. Gefen is exhibiting in Hall 7, Stand B30. Key executives, technology experts and sales representatives will be on-hand to answer questions and showcase the following new products highlighted below:

Gefen A/V Automation (GAVA)

GAVA is a simple A/V automation system that controls devices like matrixes using any tablet, laptop or smart phone. With GAVA, a conference room environment can be set up in a matter of minutes. It uses IP to control all devices in the system through the GAVA control box via an HTML5 interface that is easy to operate. Studios can access and control all audio/video equipment connected through a matrix in minutes.

Modular Matrixes for DVI and DisplayPort

Modular Matrixes allow a mix of DVI and DisplayPort inputs and outputs in 8x increments with the ability to add extension modules to both input and output sides using HDBaseT up to 100 meters or multi-mode fiber optic cables up to 500 meters with one cable for each display. These products are available in 8×8, 16×16 and 32×32 enclosures.

KVM over IP Extenders

Next generation KVM extenders for HDMI, DVI and VGA use Ethernet connectivity to distribute HDMI, DVI or VGA over a LAN, allowing up to 200 meters of signal extension using a CAT-5 cable (100 meters on the sender side and 100 meters on the receiver side). All three KVM over IP extenders provide audio, USB, RS-232 and IR in addition to video. Each receiver unit supplies two Ethernet connections to support
additional Ethernet devices. A total of 16 sender and receiver pairs can be connected in one system using a Gigabit Ethernet switch.

3GSDI Audio Embedder and 3GSDI Audio DeEmbedder

The 3GSDI Audio Embedder can select one of four AES/EBU streams and has the ability to implant audio into the 3GSDI signal output. The 3GSDI Audio DeEmbedder can extract pairs of digital audio from a 3GSDI source and route them to one of four AES/EBU audio streams. Both the 3GSDI Audio Embedder and the 3GSDI Audio DeEmbedder come with a RS-232 port for use in control or for upgrades.

3GSDI to 3GSDI Scaler

This product is used to scale a 3GSDI input and match it on the output, with support for resolutions up to 1920×1200. Features such as external sync (also a frame synchronizer), adjustable cadence detection, frame rate conversion, detail enhancements and advanced noise reduction all improve video quality. A built-in pattern generator with color bars and hatch patterns enables the user to further fine-tune video integrity.

Daisy Chain Digital Signage System

The Daisy Chain Digital Signage System is a simplified digital signage solution that can connect more than 200 displays in a series, reducing overall install time and maintenance. This new daisy chain concept
uses Video over IP technology to deliver HDMI up to 100 meters between displays along with IR back channel and RS-232 control via a single CAT-5 cable configured as a daisy chain. Users can create a signal
distribution setup similar to a tree, where the trunk (a high definition source connected to the sender unit) breaks off into main branches (using a CAT-5 cable to the splitter module), which can break off into even smaller branches (via another CAT-5 cable to the receiver units, which connect to any display).  Alternatively, users can split the signal at any time and branch out to another display location.

2x Dual Link DVI Extender over CAT-6

This new dual link DVI extender offers post-production pros a plug and play method of monitoring displays and peripherals in the edit room or extending computers to a main control room. It extends two-dual link DVI and USB signals up to 60 meters using four CAT-6 cables. The rack mount product supports high resolutions up to 4k (3840×2400). The system supports 1080p Full HD and can be used for over 100 plus displays in the daisy chain.

About Gefen:

Gefen supplies a wide selection of signal switchers, splitters, extenders, scalers, converters, KVM, digital signage and home theater accessories that enable audio/video and computer systems to be easily integrated, extended, distributed and optimized to maximize performance. Continual product innovations ensure the company maintains its reputation as a reliable resource for installers and integrators. The GefenTV line offers professional quality home theater accessories for plug and play operation. The Gefen ToolBox line delivers portable, wall-mounted solutions for the nuts and bolts of system integration. The GefenPRO line supplies 24/7 technical support and valuable features for demanding professional industries. All products include lifetime support from technical representatives and engineers available for consultation. Detailed product information is available at www.gefen.com.

For more information:
Linda Morgan
linda [at] gefen.com

Source: Gefen

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