June 7, 2023


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Crimson Showing Simplified and Superior Mount Solutions at Infocomm 2012

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Crimson AV, LLC today announced that it will demonstrate several new AV mount solutions designed for the commercial market at Infocomm, which takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada June 13-15, 2012. Delivering professional grade AV mounts that are at once simplified and superior, Crimson AV enables systems designers and integrators to offer unique and innovative display solutions at more competitive price points.

Crimson’s intuitive AV mounts are manufactured to rigorous standards, backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty, and can be purchased by authorized dealers for a fraction of the price of other competitive solutions, making the line a “must see” for Infocomm attendees.

Here is a sampling of the innovative mount solutions that Crimson will show in booth #C8736:

Universal Locking Tilt Mounts
Crimson’s new adjustable Universal Locking Tilt mounts accommodate a wide range of flat panel displays mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation. A proprietary one-touch lock and key system, which can be neither duplicated nor bought elsewhere, makes secure installations simple, quick, and easy. Installers merely affix the mount to the wall, attach the display, and push a button to lock everything in place. Smooth, pre-tensioned +15 degree and -5 degree tilt adjustments and a ratcheting knob allow for a variety of precisely adjusted viewing angles. An open wall plate design provides easy access to wiring without removing the display, delivering additional time saving benefits.
MSRP – $130 to $160 (depending on model)

Introducing pocket-eAzl™ by Crimson, a stable and slip-free stand for iPad, Tablet PCs and e-Readers that is unlike any other on the market. Featuring dual-height positioning, pocket-eAzl allows you to select either a lower, more ergonomically comfortable position for typing, or a more upright angle for surfing the web, viewing files, watching movies, playing games, reading, or anything else. Designed to be sleek, stylish, and compact, pocket-eAzl puts portable, functional, mobility (literally) into the palm of your hand. An ideal solution for those on the go, pocket-eAzl can be used for personal or professional use, and is especially handy in the education, entertainment, music production, RV/mobile, hospitality and house of worship markets, or virtually anywhere tablets, iPads, or e-Readers are used.
Click here to view a short product video
MSRP – $39.95

VW4600 Video Wall Mount System
Crimson’s best value in class VW4600 Video Wall Mount System features lateral, vertical, horizontal, and plumb adjustments for precise placement. Designed for efficient and easy installation, each VW4600 mount can be fine-tuned with the use of a power drill, a timesaving feature that is unique to Crimson. Other features include a proprietary integrated lock and dual keyed security system with a quick-release mechanism that enables 10.75″ of pull out extension for wiring and servicing monitors, an easy click-to-close feature, and a lightweight wall plate design that enables a single installer to layout the video wall grid.
MSRP – $425 (per mount, based on configuration)

Flex Wall
A modular system for mounting multiple displays floor-to-ceiling, floor-to-wall, or simply hung from the ceiling, Flex Wall ensures a quick, clean, and secure installation. Providing superior design flexibility, displays utilizing the Flex system can be installed in line or back-to-back, and once mounted, each display can be independently tilted or rotated. Continuous vertical adjustment allows displays to be mounted in landscape or portrait orientation and stacked closely together, providing a gapless, aesthetically pleasing result. Installations are simplified with Crimson’s proprietary Slip-Joint pipe connection system, which features a 1.5″ threaded pipe interface that enables the twist-free connection of two pipes. Flex Wall ships in standard-size shipping boxes, making it both economical to ship and easy to handle on the jobsite – collectively providing many value-added details not found elsewhere.
MSRP – $425 (per mount, based on configuration)

“We work closely with our customers to develop inspired solutions that provide tangible benefits for integrators and end-users alike,” says Crimson President, Vlad Gleyzer. “In fact, our entire lineup was engineered to not only provide superior features at the most competitive price points, but to serve as a catalyst for change within the mount category. Manufactured to rigorous standards, and designed to simplify installations, Crimson AV mounts pose a significant opportunity for anyone seeking to source or specify innovative display solutions.”

Attendees of Infocomm 2012 are encouraged to visit Crimson in booth #C8736, where several new and unique AV mount solutions will be shown. Other interested parties should direct their inquiries to Crimson by visiting www.crimsonav.com, by calling 866-MOUNT-TV, or by writing to info [at] crimsonav.com.

About Crimson
Crimson manufactures a comprehensive yet functional lineup of display mounts and accessories, including (but not limited to) ultra-flat, flat, tilt, recessed, in-wall and multi-angle articulating AV mounting solutions designed for Digital signage, Education, Corporate, House of Worship, Entertainment Venue, Stadium and Arena, Restaurant and Bar, Healthcare, and Residential applications.

With extensive experience in the design, manufacture, and sale of professional-grade display mounting equipment, and by utilizing lean business practices, Crimson has developed a proprietary business model that provides maximum value with minimal cost. Therefore, not only do Crimson customers receive the best value, they also benefit from unparalleled customer service, an easy to use website, and uncompromising design and build quality that ensures each Crimson AV mount will be trouble-free for years to come. Interested parties can learn more about Crimson mounting solutions by visiting www.crimsonav.com, by calling 866-MOUNT-TV or by writing to info [at] crimsonav.com.

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