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Premio Showcases Data Storage, Digital Signage and Professional Grade Kiosk Systems at 2012 NAB

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Premio logoPremio systems that provide broadcast professionals a richer experience are on display in Premio booth #SL10727 and Intel booth #SL12810 2012 NAB Show

Focused on delivering complete design, engineering and manufacturing services to its customers worldwide, Premio is demonstrating many of its latest data storage, digital signage and professional grade kiosk systems at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) April 14-19 in Premio booth #SL10727 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

In addition, Premio systems showcasing the latest Intel® technologies will be featured in Intel booth # SL12810. All Premio exhibits will demonstrate how the company’s solutions help prosumers and broadcast professionals connect to a richer online experience and advance creative workflow and content creation applications through computing, storage and cloud technologies.

“Premio brings quality, speed and value to its customers seeking to deliver the best and most advanced solutions to a wide range of markets,” said Kevin Wu, executive vice president, Premio. “In the high-energy market of video and audio, our engineering expertise coupled with our strong product portfolio makes us the ideal partner to manufacture the most innovative solutions for post-production, prosumers and AV professionals in the most cost-effective manner.”

Visitors to the Premio booth will have the opportunity to enter to win a free copy of Windows Small Business Server, an affordable, all-in-one solution to reduce complexity and increase manageability of server technology in a small business environment. The raffle will take place after the show and the winner will be notified by phone or e-mail by Friday, Apr. 27. Free Expo passes are available on Premio’s website at

Demonstrations highlights in Premio booth #SL10727 (open April 16-19):

Ideal for Content Streaming, High Speed Data Capturing/Acquisition Applications:

  • 2U 26″ deep storage system supporting Intel S2600IP DP Romley server board with 48x 2.5″x7mm hot-swap SAS SSD bays. Capable of supporting over 3 million IOPS and up to 20GB/s of throughput. This demo will also be on display in the Intel booth # SL12810.

Ideal for Digital Signage Applications:

  • Professional grade “all-in-one” system designed for use in public digital signage, digital advertising, and self-service, stand-alone interactive terminals. 46″ optical touch with four sensors for four point multi-touch panel.

Ideal for Medical and Kiosk Applications:

  • Professional Grade “all-in-one” system built for interactive public kiosk applications. 21.5″ Projective Capacitive Touch panel with 2 points multi-touch, ideal for multimedia information directories.
  • 21.5” and 18.5” Interactive Display System Developer’s Kits (SDK).

Ideal for Video for Military/Aerospace and In-Vehicle Digital Recording Applications:

  • 1U Short-Depth High Performance SSD Flash Drive Storage Subsystem. Supports AC/DC or DC/DC power supplies. Capable of supporting up to 2GB/s of throughput.

Ideal for content archive and video cloud storage:

  • Echostreams FlexIOStreams Pedestal Prosumer Multi-Tiered Storage Appliance with 4x 2.5”-7mm SSD bays supporting original content for blazing fast streaming performance and 8x 3.5” HDD bays for capacity for edited video repository
  • Echostreams eDrawer 4060 ultra-density storage expansion system supporting 3x drawers of hot-swappable dual-ported 3.5″ 6G SAS HDD bays with up to 144Gbps of Host and Expansion I/O bandwidth.
  • Echostreams Griffin2 – Redundant Server. Built-in dual BBU modules and 16x dual-port SAS SSD bays for 99.999% uptime high-availability applications such as digital content streaming and mission critical redundant storage applications.
  • Echostreams OmniStreams 2012S – Storage Appliance designed for storage appliance such as iSCSI or Unified Storage subsystem for workgroup or SMB environments.

About Premio

Founded in 1989, Premio is a full-service, women- and minority-owned business enterprise (WMBE Certified). Based in the USA, Premio maintains its position as a premier global provider of ODM solutions and OEM services in the U.S., EMEA and APAC. No matter what the complexity or volume of a project may be, our global manufacturing facilities are in place to accommodate all service level requirements. Premio’s California and Illinois manufacturing facilities are strategically located in City of Industry and Aurora; our City of Industry manufacturing facility is 140,000 square feet and our Aurora facility is 40,000 square feet. Premio also has sales operations in Illinois and New England.

For more information about Premio and its products, please contact the Marketing Department at 800.9.PREMIO or visit:

Source: Premio

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